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Wow Black Water keep on rollin...

When this local business suffered a water loss from a sewage drain line, precautions had to be taken. Sewage water contains bacteria which means crews have to w... READ MORE

The psychology of it all.

Over the Christmas break an unoccupied building suffered a major water loss. Ceiling tiles were affected throughout the entire building and at least 6" of water... READ MORE

What lies underneath...

When this beverage distribution center had a water damage that went undiscovered for 4 days it became very apparent that this was not going to be a small job. S... READ MORE

Mold in ductwork in Lubbock, TX

When SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was called to investigate an odd smell in the warehouse of this distribution center, mold was discovered in the ductwork. Afte... READ MORE

Fire AND Water issues? No Problem!

Holidays never go without their disasters, and SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock solved this one easily. Right before Thanksgiving, this Lubbock family’s ... READ MORE

Thick soot completely removed from a Lubbock home

The family living in this home owned an electric couch that heated and vibrated. These couches can be fun and all, but you must be very careful which outlets an... READ MORE

The hottest-baked home in Lubbock, Texas

Unfortunately, some fires do much more damage than can be solve with a cleaning and refurbishing. This home, which was already not kept very clean, was devastat... READ MORE

Precious items recovered from fire in Lubbock, Texas

This Lubbock home was packed floor to ceiling in some areas with knick-knacks and other kept items when an unknown object in the kitchen caught fire while no on... READ MORE

When cars drive through houses in Lubbock...

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has dealt with much more than fires and leaky pipes. One particular client was sitting at a desk in his office when a car came... READ MORE

Saved from soot corrosion in Lubbock, Texas

A local car dealership here in Lubbock was set back by a fire that started in their “parts department” and soot flowed throughout the building. SERV... READ MORE