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Water Damage is NOT a DIY Job

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage is NOT a DIY job.

Despite the magazines, television shows, and Internet articles that may have you thinking otherwise, water damage restoration is a job that should only be performed by certified professionals. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock’s technicians not only have the know-how to get the job done right, but they also have the specialized tools needed to thoroughly dry your home, preventing further damage and even mold.

Additional benefits of hiring a professional water damage restoration company:

  1. Health Hazards: Depending on the source of the water damage, safety can become a concern. There are three varying degrees of water damage, ranging from clean water to black water, each more hazardous than the next. Black water, the most dangerous of the three, is water that has come into contact with fecal matter, a haven for harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens.
  2. Hidden Damage: Water damage is not always obvious. Sometimes it is found inside walls and under flooring. If you attempt a DIY restoration and fail to diagnose hidden damage, the resulting issues could be extreme…and expensive.
  3. Peace of Mind: Hiring a professional restoration company gives you the peace of mind knowing you have done everything in your power to rectify the situation.

Pipe Burst? How to avoid it

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

How to avoid burst pipes in the winter time.

You’ve just parked your car in sub-freezing temperatures, and you can’t wait to warm up. You get home and get ready to hop into a warm shower. You turn the knob, and nothing comes out. Your pipes are frozen. When you have problems with your pipes, it can be heart stopping. Your mind will immediately turn towards the potential bills, possible flooding, and the amount of time repairs will take. Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage and you should know how to protect your home.

Protect your pipes from the cold

When temperatures fall below freezing, your pipes could be in trouble. Water expands as it freezes, and your pipes contract when they get cold. This combination of events can be detrimental to your home. Once your pipes burst, all you can do is deal with the damage. The only way to mitigate the effects is to take preventative action. Check out these tips!

  1. In extreme temperatures, keep at least one of your faucets on. You don’t need to turn it on full force, but a nice steady drip will keep water flowing through your pipes and prevent freezing.
  2. Pipes located along outside walls and windows are at a much greater risk of freezing. Make sure that you direct heat to these areas when possible. Open your basement door and any closets that might house pipes so that heat can reach them. Open the cabinets in your kitchen to allow warm air to reach these important pipes.
  3. Seal any leaks that allow cold air to seep into your home. Use weather stripping or plastic on windows and doors to add insulation.
  4. You may need to raise the temperature in your home. Turn your ceiling fans on reverse to help push warm air back down to the coldest parts of your house.
  5. Consider purchasing heat tape from your local home improvement store. You can place it on your pipes without professional help and it will aid you in preventing cracks in your pipes.
  6. Before winter weather sets in, make a habit of disconnecting all outdoor hoses. This will allow pipes to completely drain so that there isn’t excess water hanging around when freezing temperatures hit.
  7. Don’t let your heat drop below 55 degrees. If you’re going out of town, make sure you plan ahead so you don’t return to a flooded basement.

How You Can Prevent Mold In Your School Buildings

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Controlling humidity in schools

Although not visible to the naked eye, mold spores exist almost everywhere indoors and outdoors. Spores float in the air, grow on the ground and can even be present on indoor surfaces. All mold needs to grow is moisture, warmth, oxygen and organic matter for food.   

Microscopic amounts of mold generally aren’t harmful. However, larger populations can potentially cause serious health problems in those with allergies or weakened immune systems.

With back to school season rapidly approaching, school administrators around are preparing school buildings to be ready for the year. Occasionally over the summer, mold can cause a potential problem.  

Below are three tips to prevent mold growth in your school district.   

Tip #1: Keep the HVAC system on.

Over the summer, some school administrators make the mistake of turning off HVAC systems in order to save money. HVAC systems keep humidity in check and by turning them off you can potentially create the perfect environment for mold. While it may cost more to keep the HVAC system running, it can ultimately save you money in the long run.  

Tip #2: Purchase a humidity sensor.

If keeping your HVAC system on in your school building is not an option, consider buying a humidity sensor. Rather than running the HVAC system day and night, a humidity sensor can allow you to track the levels of humidity in the air and turn on the HVAC system when necessary. According to Sensors Online, a humidity sensor works by detecting changes that alter electrical currents or temperature in the air.

Tip #3: Keep a watchful eye on problem areas.

Remember, the perfect environment for mold is anywhere that has moisture. Some problem areas might include storage areas, bathrooms or kitchens in a school. The earlier you are aware of a mold problem, the less likely you are to suffer costly damages. 

The professionals here at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock are trained to help you with all of your mold remediation needs. In as little as 48 hours, a minor mold issue can quickly spread through a home or business. Once you contact us, we’re dedicated to starting the remediation process quickly. This fast response lessens the mold damage, limits additional damage, and reduces the remediation cost. We are available 24/7 and can be reached at (806)-780-6311.

Five things you need to know about water damage

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

5 things you need to know about water damage

You've seen the signs - a soft spot in the wall here, a strange splotch of color there. Signs of water damage can pop up at any time in your home and they're not something you want to ignore. Water damage can lead to foundation damage and subsidence, but can also pose a health concern to the people in your home, too. This type of damage can be serious business, oftentimes. With that in mind, let's take a look at five things you need to know when dealing with water damage in your house.

You're not always going to see it - You've made it through the worst of it and several inches of water have drained out of your home. After a few days of airing and drying out, you feel as if your house is almost back to normal. Chances are, however, it's not. Signs of such damage are not always apparent- mold, rot, decay, and structural damage can be happening below the surface, without you even being aware of it. Even visual signs of mold may not be present.

It's not just about property damage - To put it plainly, water damage can be a health risk. Once mold is airborne it can damage the respiratory system of anyone in a house, but especially children and the elderly. Taking care of damage from water in your home is not just about keeping up your property- it's about preserving the health of your family and loved ones, too.

You want to catch it early - Water damage spreads, and what was once a small spot of damage can quickly escalate into a much larger issue. If you suspect that there has been damage from water to your home, even on a small scale, it might be best to get a damage survey done by a professional who can quickly assess your problem and take steps to reverse damage as early in its progress as possible.

The source won't always be obvious - Short of having an all-out flood in your home, there are still several "smaller" events that can cause water damage to your home, including faulty pipes, cracks in the foundation, and even the lightest rain.

It takes professionals to fix it - Fixing water damage in your home is not a DIY project. Due to some of the severe after-effects of water damage, including health risks, it's always best to have the professionals take on your water damage repair. A restoration expert can survey the damage and give you an estimate of the work and cost you're looking at, allowing you to get a thorough picture of what you need to do to get your home safe and sound once again.

Prevent Water Damage from Dishwasher Leaks

7/7/2019 (Permalink)

Many restaurants in rely on dishwashers to keep things ticking over and ensure a regular supply of clean crockery for their customers. A dishwasher is a handy appliance for any eatery looking to save some time and make things run more smoothly. However, just like any appliance, a dishwasher might break down and cause water damage to your premises. A leak is inconvenient and even costly if you have to close down during cleanup.

SERVPRO recommends all restaurant owners take the following steps to take care of their automatic dishwashers and reduce the risk of water damage from leaks.

Tell Staff Not to over fill 
it is tempting to put lots of crockery and cutlery in the tray to get cleaner in each load. However, instruct your staff not to crowd the rack, as an over-filled dishwasher is much more likely to leak. It is better to do a couple of smaller loads than trying to fit everything into one big load.

Do Regular Maintenance On Doors 
Loose hinges, misaligned door latches, or broken seals, can all cause leaks. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by simply adjusting and tightening a few screws. You could use an epoxy patch kit to remedy minor seal breaks. However, if it is not possible to right the door or seal, it is better to replace it.

Check The Tub And Hose 
The tub and hose can both develop faults over time. Constant use might corrode the tub and make a hole, and aging hoses can become unstable or cease to fit properly. Check all the components of the unit regularly and replace it at the first sign of wear and tear.

Use The Correct Detergent 
Make sure every staff member knows which detergent is best. Always use a dishwashing detergent, and always follow the manufacturer instructions. The incorrect dishwashing detergent or too much of the correct cleaning agent might cause suds or even a blockage.

In the event of a leak, SERVPRO’s IICRC-certified technicians are on hand to help with cleanup. We extract water from your premises and use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the surrounding area so you can resume business as soon as possible.

For help with water damage remediation you can rely on SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

Why SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock? Because we can do it all!

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

When you hear SERVPRO® you might immediately think of fire clean up and restoration, but did you know we do more? SERVPRO® is here to assist you with all your cleaning needs as well. Whether it’s your air ducts, upholstery, or those carpets your kids and pets have made a mess of, we’re here to help!

We get it. Life happens. Your hands are full and you drop your drink, your pet gets sick and you think your carpet will never be the same again… but here at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock we have the expertise to provide a deeper clean than your basic house cleaning service. Our residential cleaning services will help restore your home to a deeper clean than it’s ever been!

Our residential cleaning services include:

  • Carpet and upholstery
  • Tile and grout
  • Air ducts
  • Odor removal
  • Sewage and bio-hazard

You know SERVPRO® as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and Restoration, but our professional residential cleaning services can also make a dirty carpet "Like it never even happened." Contact us day or night, 24/7, at 806-780-6311.

Ways You Can Prevent Fires in Lubbock, Tx Caused by Clogged Dryer Vents

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Preventing fires in your home can be as easy as cleaning out your lint trap.

Ways You Can Prevent Fires Caused by Clogged Dryer Vents

It is no surprise to most people that having a fire within the home is incredibly damaging to anything in its path. What you probably may not realize is that, most times, fires can easily be prevented from starting in the first place. Your household dryer is a great example of this since many homeowners deal with dryer related fires all the time and the usual culprit would be a completely clogged dryer vent. In this particular case, the fire can be prevented if you maintain your dryer well throughout the year and ensure that its vent is kept clean and clear of buildup.

There are over 15,000 calls to local fire departments every single year for home-related fires and smoke issues. The unfortunate part is that a lot of these fires are caused by clogged dryer vents within the home. Some of these fires are very minimal, but others have been incredibly damaging when not caught in time.

To understand how these types of fires start within the home, you may want to know more about how dryers work. Some homeowners who are new to appliances and home maintenance may not even know that their dryer needs to be maintained. The way that dryers work is by creating hot air in the drum itself, and this is the hot air that is going to dry your clothing. You probably know of the small lint trap on the front of your dryer when you open its door, but excess lint passes through this filter and goes through the dryer vent. The dryer vent is often located on the outside of your home so that the hot air can be released outside. Because dryers get so hot, this hot air that is being pushed out of the dryer vent to the outside world can heat up any lint that has built up in that area and start a fire. Fires related to clogged dryer vents can cause damage to a person's home.

The best way to prevent fires, in this case, is to clean out the lint hose often. This is recommended to anyone who owns a dryer. There are special tools and services that can help to get this particular vent cleaned for you.

According to the experts at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock, they offer some of the best tips for watching out for some of the obvious warning signs that your dryer is clogged and may result in fire at some point in the near future:

1. If it takes longer than about 45 minutes to dry your clothing, it could be a sign that the dryer vent is clogged.

2. Your clothes are roasting hot to the touch after they have gone through a dry cycle.

3. The flapper on the dryer's vent may not open entirely when the appliance is actually on.

Preventing a Fire with Your Dryer 

1. You should clean the vent of your dryer at least twice each year.

2. Make sure to clean out the lint trap inside of the dryer thoroughly before each cycle.

3. For those individuals who are noticing any of the above-mentioned warning signs, make sure to contact a professional company to have the appliance repaired and cleaned.

For those homeowners who were not so lucky as to catch the warning signs in time, fire damage can be a daunting thing to clean up on your own. This is where the professionals of SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock come in handy, and they can work diligently on your home's fire restoration when it is most convenient for you. Make sure to contact SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at the first sign of fire damage so that the issue can be addressed immediately.

14th Annual Golf For Kids Sake Concert & Golf Tournament

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock presents Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock with a check totaling $56,775!

The 14th Annual Golf For Kids Sake Concert & Golf Tournament was a HUGE success this year. We were so blessed to have been able to host the Kickoff Concert again this year featuring The Mike Pritchard Juke Box Band. With dinner from Chopped & Sliced BBQ and live and silent auction items, the event was very well attended. The golf tournament was so much fun on May 3rd at Rawls Golf Course. With 2 full flights it was a long day. The morning flight was absolutely perfect in regards to the weather. Lunch from J&M BBQ was mouth watering and the tee time for the afternoon flight went off without a hitch, that is until a stray cloud dumped some rain and hail on the golfers and play had to be suspended until the weather passed. Approximately 14 teams stayed to finish the round and had even better weather than they when they teed off. After all the calculations were done, SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was able to present Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock with a check for $56,775! Plans are already being made for the 15th Annual Golf For Kids Sake events, with the Kickoff Concert planned for April 24, 2020 and the Golf For Kids Sake Tournament to take place at the Rawls Golf Course on May 1st, 2020. Contact Jennifer Jones for more information at 806-780-6311 or 806-928-1601.

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can not only be detrimental to the value of your items and household but can be dangerous to your health as time goes on. When working with water in the wrong places, it is crucial for a fast, professional response.

Damage can come from a variety of places, including storms and natural disasters, bursting pipes, issues with plumbing, faulty household appliances, and HVAC issues.

SERVPRO®’s industry knowledge and tools can lessen damage, prevent further damage, and reduce cleanup cost. And, with our 24/7 response time, messes are attended to immediately.

Through psychometrics, our experts can work to restore your values to their former condition. “DryBook” is a proprietary tool developed by SERVPRO® to make sure the process is going correctly. It provides real-time documentation and updates on the drying process and helps ensure industry drying requirements are met.

To help lessen the overwhelming feeling that comes with fire damage, we offer a Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS). This service provides a detailed list of belongings to provide a preloss list, better information to settle claims, and peace of mind.

We also provide electronic cleanup, document drying, contents restoration, and move-outs/pack-outs. After completed restoration, we will work with you to return all belongings to their original place.

Emergencies can bring some of the biggest inconveniences. We at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock are here to help take on the burden and bring your area of water damage back to life and make it “Like it never even happened."

Summer Storm Cleanup

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Sometimes your summer plans don’t always go…well, as planned. Picture this: it is Memorial Day weekend and some family and friends are in town for a cookout at your house. But suddenly, summer storms hit. Damaging storms can affect everything from your carpets and hard wood floors to producing mold and odors that nobody wants.

But, have no fear, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is here! SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is your 24-hour storm restoration company. Day or night, SERVPRO®’s team will assist immediately in storm restoration and make sure your Memorial Day plans go as smooth as possible without any sign of summer storm damage “Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock cares about your safety. So, if summer storms do occur, always ask yourself these questions: Is it safe to stay in the house? Are there any electrical or "slip and fall" hazards? Is this activity safe to perform? And remember that objects soaked in water can be very heavy. Be CAREFUL.

Need tips for how to handle summer storm damage? There are a few reminders that you can do yourself while SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is on their way:

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.
  • Gather loose items from floors.

For any disaster, let SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock be your go-to clean up/restoration company and have the summer of a lifetime!

 Have A Water Damage Emergency? Call (806) 780-6311

Smoke & Soot Clean Up

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is specialized in fire damage and soot clean up. Like every natural disaster, fires are unpredictable and vary from house to house. However, the damage restoration process is consistent.

When various materials burn, the soot they create differs greatly and requires a specific cleaning procedure. The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” fire damage restoration.

  1. Emergency Contact
  2. Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment
  3. Immediate Board-Up and Roof Tarp Service (if needed)
  4. Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present)
  5. Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces
  6. Cleaning and Repair
  7. Restoration

At SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock, we care about the local community and as a customer, you deserve the best! When fires occur, they bring smoke and soot damage. Depending on the amount of soot, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock may be able to reduce the cost of recovery by cleaning lighter soot deposits found on some surfaces, eliminating the expense incurred with repainting or refinishing.

Have Questions About Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Call Today – (806) 780-6311 and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened."

Basement Flooding Clean Up & Restoration

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Out in West Texas, you never know what you can expect when it comes to weather. Each day is different! Unexpected basement flooding may occur and SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is here to save the day. SERVPRO® provides expert clean up and restoration for your floors.

Hard floors, such as tile and wood, are most prominent in a home nowadays. The only downside is the extreme danger when these floors get damaged. At first glance, these damages may not be as apparent. Overtime, however, the water can soak into the soil and create build up which results in more damage.

Every water disaster is different. There is no telling on what a “typical” flooding damage looks like. Our team works together to inspect and assess damage as quick as possible. After doing this, we begin the water removal/extraction process. This entails using powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property. Then, we will dry and dehumidify the water damage by checking the moisture levels to monitor the drying process. Once cleaning begins, odor removal and deodorization is vital. Depending on the scenario, we may use antimicrobial, antibacterial, or disinfectant treatments to clean your property. Restoration is the final step of the cleaning process. This means we restore your home to its pre-water damage condition. Restoration may involve minor repairs such as replacing your floors or major repairs such as reconstruction to multiple areas in your home.

Our water removal and cleanup process also provides validation and documentation that your property is dry giving you peace of mind for the future. SERVPRO® is faster to any size disaster, highly trained in water damage restoration, and we use advanced drying equipment.

Need Professional Cleaning? Call your local SERVPRO® today at (806) 780-6311 to make it "Like it never even happened." 

Summer Storm Cleanup

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Summer Storm Cleanup

Lubbock is known for the excessive wind and summer storms. Massive amounts of rain can bring in water damage resulting in a big mess. But SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock provides professional help with advanced equipment to assist in the restoration process.

Water damage is unpredictable but when an emergency occurs, whether it’s in a small office building or a big box store, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock responds as soon as possible to mitigate damage. SERVPRO® has a team of water damage restoration technicians, applied structural drying technicians, odor control technicians, as well as an upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians.

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can respond immediately to your commercial water damage emergency regardless of the size or scope of the damage. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is part of a national network of over 1,600 Franchises with special Disaster Recovery Teams placed strategically throughout the country to respond to large scale events and disasters.

Any disaster, anytime of the day, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is here for you. We make sure to take care of your personal belongings and provide the best and quickest service there is. Don’t let a little water damage stop you from having fun this summer!

For questions about water damage, please call (806) 780-6311 and we’ll make it “Like it never even happened."

Water damage getting in the way of your business?

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

The many tornadoes storming around Lubbock and spring showers can bring water problems like burst pipes, leakage, and sewage problems, etc. Have you found mold or think you may have it?  Don’t forget, all mold can be dangerous but catching warning signs is easy. Be aware if the weather has caused damages to your system, and know SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can help make it “Like it never even happened."

If you find mold or are suspicious of floor creaks, wall stains, and smells, call your local SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock immediately to inspect and go over remedy options with you. We staff remediation specialists, water damage restoration and odor control technicians, applied structural drying technicians, and upholstery and fabric cleaning technicians to make it “Like it never even happened."

Major storms and disasters are no problem as we have the resources and personnel of 1,700 franchises. We can expertly respond to catastrophic storms and events with our special Disaster Recovery Team.

We serve retail facilities, education facilities, property management, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, food service facilities and more! We have the equipment necessary to handle large, commercial flooding or water damage. Our line is open 24/7 to cover any and all emergencies, or just give estimates for services.

Have Questions? Request help on our website or call us today at (806) 780-6311

Storms and flooding hitting our area!

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Spring is nearly over but the storms are not. Texas is one of the top five states that receive the most storm and flood claims reported, and the Abilene area is already in need of care.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock provides a 24-hour fast emergency service in Lubbock, Wolfforth, and the surrounding area. With highly trained water restoration technicians, repairing storm damage is a vital aspect of our business. We know how quickly water damage can manifest which is a huge reason why SERVPRO provides quick emergency services.

In the event of a storm that leaves your home with water damage, the most important thing is your health and safety. Before help arrives, avoid hazardous areas such as slippery places and electrical wires.

There are do’s and don'ts to handling a flood or flood damage. After a flood, remove excess water by mopping and blotting. If you are able, wipe excess water from countertops. Turn on all air conditioning for drying in the summer, remove colored rugs from wet carpeting, and gather loose items from the floor.

Don’ts include leaving wet fabrics in place. Instead, hang them up. Don’t leave books or magazines laying around and please do not use your vacuum to remove water; it will not work! Do not use any household appliances including ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet to avoid electrical damage and health risks.

As we like to say, no job is too large. Whether you are dealing with a tornado, hurricane, blizzard or flood, SERVPRO has a network of teams’ placed strategically in the event that a disaster strikes near you.

When disaster does strike, call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at (806)-780-6311 for immediate help and request quick emergency recovery. 

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and sometimes more!

4/15/2019 (Permalink)

April Showers Bring May Flowers...and sometimes more!

Have you ever heard the phrase, April showers bring May flowers? Well in West Texas it’s important to be prepared for rainfall beyond just the month of April. The average rainfall days in Lubbock are,
·      April- 4.8 Days 
·      May- 7.3 Days
·      June- 8.2 Days

Many are surprised to learn that flooding is the largest natural disaster in the United States. And historically, Texas usually ranks in the top five states with the largest amount of storm and flood claims reported. The record rainfall in Lubbock is 40.55 inches. For some reference, visualize a 36-inch yard stick, plus some. 
Protect your property and personal belongings from storms with SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock’s highly trained professionals, who use specialized equipment and advanced training to restore your property.
We understand that when dealing with water damage, time is of the essence. That’s why you can contact us 24 hours a day and depend on our immediate response. We understand what a stressful situation the threat of flood damage in the home is and care about restoring your property to its pre-storm condition. That’s why we suggest taking at a look of these helpful tips on what NOT to do immediately after you experience a flood in your home. 
When dealing with water damage, every second counts, call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at (806)-780-6311 to request immediate recovery following a disaster. 

Sound the Alarm with SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

4/12/2019 (Permalink)

Sound the Alarm With SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

Sound the Alarm With SERVPRO

SERVPRO® will be teamed up with the American Red Cross for Sound the Alarm, Save a Life event on February 23 installing smoke detectors in homes for free, and will continue to do so on April 20th.

We’re taking notes from 9-year-old Hector Montoya from Dallas, who after learning of a local deadly fire that could have been prevented with a smoke alarm, donated the 300 dollars he had saved up from a new PlayStation to buy new smoke alarms for his community.

Each year, the Red Cross responds to nearly 70,000 disasters — the majority of which are home fires. Whether a disaster impacts a single family or hundreds, the Red Cross is there when people need our help the most. The Red Cross doesn’t just help families recover from disaster; they also prepare communities before home fires strike. Sound the Alarm is a nationwide Red Cross effort to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries from home fires.

SERVPRO offers access to expertly trained technicians with years of experience performing fire damage restoration for customers just like you. We have IICRC certification, industrial-grade equipment, and 24-hour emergency services available throughout the area.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock technicians treat each customer with the respect and courtesy they deserve, provide you with results that often exceed your expectations, and help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition making damage appear, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO® Of Southwest Lubbock To Host Golf for Kids' Sake Golf Tournament

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® Of Southwest Lubbock To Host Golf for Kids' Sake Golf Tournament

SERVPRO® Of Southwest Lubbock To Host Golf for Kids' Sake Golf Tournament And Kick-Off Concert Featuring Dinner And Silent Auction

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is pleased to present a kickoff concert and the 14th annual Golf for Kids' Sake Golf Tournament benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters® of Lubbock. The Kick-Off Concert will feature The Mike Pritchard Juke Box Band with Ken Matlock, Dustin Garrett and Bobby McDowell on Friday, April 26, 2019. This event will also include a barbecue dinner, silent auction and door prizes.

This event is the largest annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters® of Lubbock, hosted by SERVPRO, with all proceeds going to their benefit.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been the leader in one-to-one mentoring nationwide. As the nation’s largest donor and volunteer supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters prides itself in creating one-to-one mentoring opportunities for children between the ages of six and fifteen. Through continuous partnerships with local school districts, community service organizations, and various businesses, Big Brothers Big Sisters is able to serve children with meaningful and life-changing professionally supported one-to-one mentoring services.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was honored and blessed to once again join forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock to help raise money for their organization. SERVPRO is dedicated to being a leader in the community in everything they do including the multiple restoration services they provide. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock provides 24-hour residential and commercial services. As a locally owned and operated business, they’re dedicated to being faster to any size disaster, with the experience, training, equipment, and expertise to handle restoration and cleaning needs. In additional to restoration, they offer a variety of cleaning services from furniture and carpets to severe mold, air ducts, and biohazard clean up.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock Celebrates 10 year Anniversary

4/1/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock celebrates 10 year anniversary with ribbon cutting.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock has been serving the Lubbock Community since 2008, and recently we celebrated our 10th anniversary back in September with a ribbon cutting and reception!

Joel Mowery and David Miller purchased the franchise in 2008 and have independently owned and operated SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock since. With no shortage of memorable milestones such as moving into our new building in 2016 and partnering with local non-profit organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Challenger Little League, American Red Cross and Coats For Kids with the Lubbock Professional Fire Fighters Association.

2018 marked an entire decade of dedication to exceptional service, providing timely relief in stressful cleanup and restoration situations for our customers.

In reflection of a decade of service, SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock is proud of have received the following of awards from the SERVPRO corporation throughout the years:

  • Volunteer Center of Lubbock—Business Of The Year-2015
  • Franchise of the Year—Texas & Louisiana—2012 & 2016
  • Rookie Volume Award—SERVPRO® corporate—2009
  • Outstanding Sales Performance—SERV- PRO® corporate—2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

We look forward to continuing to put things right, "Like it never even happened." throughout 2019 and beyond. Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock for additional information or to begin your cleaning or restoration services today. (806) 780-6311

Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Business Expo

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SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was awarded the "Most Fun" booth at the 2019 Business Expo.

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce held its annual Business Expo at the beginning of 2019. The 2019 Business Expo was a networking event, showcasing over 200 exhibitors with more than 5,000 attendees and has been a popular Lubbock happening for over two decades.

In compliance with this year’s theme, “Making History in the Hub City”, SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock put our booth attendees Lubbock history knowledge to the test through a game of Jeopardy. With categories about Lubbock History, SERVPRO, MDM Construction and Big Brothers Big Sisters, attendees were able to learn more information, showcase their game-show worthy skills, and most importantly- have fun while visiting our booth.

In fact, attendees had so much fun that SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was awarded the Most Fun Booth title, as selected by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce!

It’s not too late to test your trivia skills! How much do you know about SERVPRO?

Q: True or False: SERVPRO is a Trusted Leader in the restoration industry.

A: True! SERVPRO has been serving the community since 1967

Q: How many franchises does SERVPRO have across the country?
A: Over 1700

Q: How many locations has SERVPRO had in Lubbock over the years?

A: Three

Q: How long has SERVPRO been in business in Lubbock?

A: 10 years

Q: What is the local philanthropy of SERVPRO? 

A: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock

Where you a SERVPRO-pro? Then you should already know to call us at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock for all your restoration needs! (806)780-6311

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock teams up with Lubbock Fire Rescue to sponsor Coats For Kids Drive

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SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock sponsors Coats For Kids

More than 16 million American children don't own a coat. That’s why for the last 6 years, the Lubbock Professional Fire Fighters have partnered with Operation Warm to provide kids in Lubbock with a warm coat.

Last July, SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was a sponsor at the Lubbock Professional Firefighters Association’s Golf Tournament for Coats for Kids. Money raised through tournament founds went to the purchase of winter coats for the students of an LISD Elementary Campus.

Giving a child a new coat positively impacts that child’s self-esteem and self-worth. The Coats for Kids Foundation believes—and school principals, nurses, and social workers agree—that the impact on kids that receive coats from CFK is dramatic, as evidenced by heads held high, smiles, and fewer missed days of school because of illness.

Along with organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Challenger Little League, American Red Cross, Coats for Kids with the Lubbock Professional Fire Fighters Association is a valued philanthropic partner of SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock.

Golf For Kids Sake Kick-Off Concert

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SERVPRO sponsors 3rd Annual Concert For Kids Sake 2019

SERVPRO Of Southwest Lubbock will be hosting our 3rd annual For Kid’s Sake Kick-Off Concert Friday, April 26, 2019 from 5:30-11:00 PM hosted at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock, 7477 Country Road 7000, Lubbock, Texas.

No preparation is required to enjoy the concert event. However, we’ve laid out a few tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • Get familiar with tunes from The Mike Pritchard Juke Box Band, featuring Ken Matlock, Dustin Garrett and Bobby McDowell
  • We suggest starting with The Mike Prichard Juke Box Band’s ‘Cuttin’ The Dust’
  • Come with an empty stomach
  • Tickets include a BBQ dinner
  • Bring your favorite beverage to enjoy
  • This event is BYOB
  • Consider wearing your pair of lucky socks
  • A little luck can’t hurt when there’s door prizes involved
  • Make space in the trunk of your car
  • If you decide to bring home an auction item, you might need some extra room
  • Practice your golf swing
  • It won’t hurt to start getting ready to impress for the Golf For Kids’ Sake Golf Tournament held on the following Friday, May 3rd at the Rawls Golf Course

 For Kid’s Sake Golf Tournament and Kick-Off Concert is the largest annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock, with all proceeds going to their benefit. Big Brothers Big Sisters matches children with volunteers who can serve as role models, to build self-confidence, social skills and academic achievement for the children.

If you have any additional questions, or are interested in sponsorship, be sure to contact Jennifer Jones at Jjones@SERVPROofswlubbock.com .

Spring Cleaning...are you ready?

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As time springs forward, we all can relax and enjoy that extra hour of daylight we get in the evening. What we can’t relax about is the build-up of general wear and tear that commonly soils an office place from the year prior. Spring is the time to address the mess, and who is the best choice to help if not SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock?

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is the premier provider of specialty cleaning services that include but are not limited to Air Ducts and HVAC, Carpet and Upholstery, Drapes and Blinds, Ceilings, Walls, Hard Floor cleanup, Odor Removal and Deodorization of commercial spaces. You’re busy, we get it! Don’t let time waste any longer. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is available 24/7 and can assess and clean any situation in no time, "Like it never even happened."

Local to Lubbock, our response is quicker than ever, equipped with the right resources to assist in restoration and cleanup of any size disaster. We have the specialized training and products to get your property back to business. Why call those other carpet guys when SERVPRO® can do it all?

When grime, odor, and moisture challenges go beyond the scope of your regular janitorial staff, you should call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock for prompt service. Whether it’s removing an odor problem or deep cleaning flooring or carpets, you can rely on us to spring your workplace into shape.

Spring Cleaning? It's Time!!

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Spring Cleaning!

When was the last time you took a good hard look at the corners of your office? Can you see track marks down your hallway? How about the dust bunnies multiplying in your air vents? It’s time to call in SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock.

Lubbock had snow this winter, and even though snow looks clean, it pulls in all kinds of muck when stuck to your shoes. The wind that followed can do your office just as dirty, blowing in layers of grime between the smallest of cracks in your doorways and window panes. Best case scenario: it also blew in flower seeds and you get a lovely spring surprise, fertilized and watered by your office carpets. Worst case scenario: your new cubicle mate is splotchy spots, smells gunky, and is not great with customers.

Whether the cleaning from Lubbock weather is needed for your office carpets, air ducts, or fine furniture, give SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock a call. Here are just a few of their methods to get the gunk gone:

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short piled carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock’s professional cleaning can address moderate and heavy soil conditions in your carpets. A good rule of thumb would be to call SERVPRO for a professional cleaning carpet every 12 months. For a cleaning backed by state-of-the-art equipment, over 40 years of experience and Professionals trained to the highest standards, call us today at (806) 780-6311.

Crime Scene Cleanup Support When You Need It in Lubbock

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If your home suffers from a crime scene and has damage, contact SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock to help with the clean up.

Homeowners in Lubbock and West Texas rarely plan a response to criminal activity on their property. Coping with all the aspects of your home becoming a crime scene is an emotional process, exacerbated by the need to arrange for cleanup after the legal authorities release the property. Our technicians have the training, the equipment, and the appropriate products to smooth this challenging process out for you. 
The frightening or sad circumstances underlying the need for crime scene cleanup in Lubbock and West Texas are varied. A home invasion, the aftermath of a suicide, a domestic that turns deadly, activities like drug manufacture or dealing, and many other horrific scenarios can affect any of us given the stressors no one can predict. Innocent victims are left to sort out the debris and residues remaining, many of them hazardous and requiring professional handling. We specialize in an efficient and compassionate response to these life-altering events. 
SERVPRO technicians master techniques that meet the IICRC Standard for trauma and crime scene cleanup. We arrive prepared to assess and plan for the particular situation, ready to begin the remediation immediately. The crew members know and carry out all federal, state, and local requirements as they complete each task in the plan, essential for your and your family’s return to safe and comfortable living conditions. 
Depending on the type of criminal activity the SERVPRO team cleans up substances and materials like the following: 
Blood, bloodborne pathogens, tissue, and fluids. 
Law enforcement and evidence collection residues including fire extinguisher residues, tear gas, pepper spray, and fingerprint dust. 
Chemical residues used in drug making, cutting, and distribution. 
The SERVPRO crew members then clean and disinfect the surfaces affected using EPA registered antimicrobials. All hazardous materials are bagged and disposed of according to the applicable laws for the appropriate jurisdiction. 
We assess the physical damage done to structural components, fixtures, and furnishings. SERVPRO can offer pack out services for portable items contaminated with residues, working on restoration at our production facility. SERVPRO consults with your insurance or governmental entities to arrange for the repairs and restoration needed to return your home back to its pre-crime condition. 
You are not alone in coping with the aftermath of criminal activity in your home when you work with the specialized cleanup crews from SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock. Call (806) 780-6311 day or night to schedule a crime scene restoration consultation with one of our compassionate and competent project managers. 

The Answer To Fire Damage In The Lubbock Area

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SERVPRO TIP--Keep Fire Extinguishers Handy at Your Lubbock Property

Even though you cannot control when or where a fire happens, you can have the right tools in place to limit your losses and escape many of the dangers that often accompany fires on your property.  

Experiencing fire damage in your home can be devastating, or you can make the proper preparations and planning to see your family through tough times, should something like this occur. It is far better to prepare than to be caught off-guard. 
By installing smoke detectors on every floor, in every room, you ensure your safety. These small, inexpensive devices provide you with a very effective early warning system that helps both you and your family prevent major losses during an emergency. 
You can follow up by checking electrical systems in your home, ensuring that the coffee maker, computer, radio, television and other devices receive the proper attention to avoid overloading circuits or problems concerning faulting wiring in older equipment.  
Always keep a fire extinguisher or two on hand. In case you experience a manageable fire, you want to have the proper tools available to handle the situation correctly. You should also check your storage habits, keeping flammable materials away from fuels or other accelerants that can cause severe problems.

Do you understand what to do if a major fire breaks out in your home? After? It never hurts to put together an escape plan, having one ready ensures that everyone in your family understands what to do, and where to go during an emergency, you can never prepare too much. 
Before a fire occurs on your property, take the time to develop a relationship with your local SERVPRO. We can inspect your home, locate hidden dangers, and give you recommendations to protect your home that you might not even think of on your own.  
SERVPRO offers access to expertly trained technicians with years of experience performing fire damage restoration for customers just like you. We have IICRC certification, industrial-grade equipment, and 24-hour emergency services available throughout the area. 
SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock technicians treat each customer with the respect and courtesy they deserve, provide you with results that often exceed your expectations, and help return your home to a quality pre-damage condition making damage appear, “Like it never even happened.” 
Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock for additional information or to begin your fire damage restoration today. (806) 780-6311

Windy Season is here, are you prepared?

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Here in Lubbock, we dwell on the edge of Tornado Alley. Rolling, turbulent skies that are often followed by dust storms are not always the most enjoyable, especially if your home gets caught in the cross-hairs. As homes are built to withstand the elements, some wind storms come more intense than others.  It is important to know who to call in the event of damage to your home: SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock!

Wind storms are never fun, and dirt buildup is even worse as it creeps into your home through the tiniest cracks. It can really put a damper on Spring cleaning in later months if the dirt penetration is extensive! With SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock’s technology and resources, along with their compassionate and helpful staff, they will see to you and your home getting the help they deserve.

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  We are open 24/7 and can assess and fix the damage in no time. "Like it never even happened." We are FASTER to ANY SIZE disaster. Found locally, our response is quicker than ever, equipped with the right resources to assist in restoration and cleanup of any size disaster left by a storm.

Sprinklers Emptying Completely In A Strip Mall

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Sometimes a normal day working at a retail store could go terribly wrong. The weekend before Christmas, a Dollar Store had this nightmare. In the back of the store a customer decided to start lighting cards on fire. This caused the sprinklers to go off. This sprinkler system emptied out completely flooding the dollar store, bridal store, office supply store and a large back corridor where shipments are received. There was over 100,000 square feet affected with anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches of standing water left in the area. After the fire department cleared, this was when SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock was called in.

SERVPRO arrived quickly onsite to start scoping out the damages and what needed to be done first. The main priority was getting the water out of the areas and start drying as quickly as possible. SERVPRO called in all crews, a total of 15 people to work that Saturday. After 14 hours the first day, SERVPRO finally got all the water out of the areas ready to start the drying process. Demolition and disposal of some contents were completed both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. Drying occurred throughout the week. SERVPRO not only set up equipment to get the stores open quickly on Sunday but continued to come back to the stores to setup equipment at night and return early in the morning to move equipment so the stores could stay open.

SERVPRO was there to help the commercial strip mall get back up and running as quickly as possible. We are truly ready for any size disaster. Call us 24/7 at 806-780-6311.

How You Can Prevent Mold In Your School Buildings

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Although not visible to the naked eye, mold spores exist almost everywhere indoors and outdoors.  Spores float in the air, grow on the ground and can even be present on indoor surfaces.  All mold needs to grow is moisture, warmth, oxygen and organic matter for food.   

Microscopic amounts of mold generally aren’t harmful.  However, larger populations can potentially cause serious health problems in those with allergies or weakened immune systems.

Below are three tips to prevent mold growth in your school district.   

Tip #1: Keep on the HVAC system.

Over the summer, some school administrators make the mistake of turning off HVAC systems in order to save money.  HVAC systems keep humidity in check and by turning them off you can potentially create the perfect environment for mold.  While it may cost more to keep the HVAC system running, it can ultimately save you money in the long run.  

Tip #2: Purchase a humidity sensor.

If keeping your HVAC system on in your school building is not an option, consider buying a humidity sensor.  Rather than running the HVAC system day and night, a humidity sensor can allow you to track the levels of humidity in the air and turn on the HVAC system when necessary. According to Sensors Online, a humidity sensor works by detecting changes that alter electrical currents or temperature in the air.

Tip #3: Keep a watchful eye on problem areas.

Remember, the perfect environment for mold is anywhere that has moisture.  Some problem areas might include storage areas, bathrooms or kitchens in a school.  The earlier you are aware of a mold problem, the less likely you are to suffer costly damages. 

The professionals here at SERVPRO are trained to help you with all of your mold remediation needs.  In as little as 48 hours, a minor mold issue can quickly spread through a home or business. Once you contact us, we’re dedicated to starting the remediation process quickly. This fast response lessens the mold damage, limits additional damage, and reduces the remediation cost.  We are available 24/7 and can be reached at 806-780-6311.  

What to do when your commercial business has a fire?

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Call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock For Fast, Friendly Fire Remediation Service

The word “fire” strikes fear in the hearts of most people and for good reason. Whether it’s your home or business it can bring life, as you know it, to a screeching halt. 

If your business or commercial property caught on fire, don't panic. Instead, call the professionals of SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock and let us start cleaning up immediately. Acting right now is the key to limiting damages and expediting the restoration process, and choosing our team of industry specialists is the secret to obtaining the sophisticated services you deserve. All of our IICRC-certified technicians will work with diligence and determination to get your commercial property back in pristine condition.

Knowing which steps to take in the face of a commercial fire can help prevent you from becoming anxious, losing money, and undergoing extensive property damages. To handle fire damage successfully and speedily, implement the following four tips:

  1. Call The Insurance Company Immediately.

Be sure that you call your insurance company once the fire is out. This step is important because your insurance agent will work with you to file a claim and determine how much coverage you'll attain for the commercial damages.

  1. Contact A Fire Remediation Expert.

In addition to fire, smoke, and soot damage, your business may also suffer from water damage as a result of the firefighting efforts.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock specializes in fire and water damage restoration. We have the specific damage restoration training, personnel, and equipment and can quickly restore your business to preloss condition. Don't ever attempt to handle any of the cleanups, drying, or restoration processes on your own. Doing so could put you in peril of injury or illness.

  1. Assemble Your Records.

In addition to contacting a fire remediation expert, make sure that you assemble your business's essential records. You'll want to have this information with you when you start working with your insurance company. To guarantee that you can have your entire files ready in a safe place, make a point to buy a fireproof safe where they can be stored.

  1. Get Permission To Reenter The Building.

Always ask the fire department or another local authority whether you can reenter your building. In some cases, a fire can weaken the structural integrity of the commercial property and make it subject to collapse. This is why you need to assure that reentry is safe for you and your employees.

Call us at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock for all your restoration needs. (806)780-6311

Preventing Bathroom Mold

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Call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

What does mold need to grow?  For mold to grow, it needs oxygen, moisture, warmth and food.  The ideal spot for mold to grow would be a warm place (somewhere between 77 and 86 degrees), with a high amount of humidity or moisture, and organic matter, like cotton, paper or wood for the mold to feed upon.  This makes our bathrooms an ideal spot for mold growth.  Our bathrooms tend to be warm, they contain things like towels, toilet paper, and woodwork for the mold to feed upon, and they often have high levels of relative humidity from running water and steam from hot showers.  So what can you do to prevent mold from growing in your bathroom?  

First make sure that your bathroom is properly ventilated. Poor ventilation is one of the most common causes of bathroom mold.  Without proper ventilation, steam/moisture in the air from hot showers and running water, settles on bathroom surfaces and makes a perfect environment for mold growth.  Every bathroom should have a clean and properly functioning ventilation fan permanently mounted in the ceiling and it should be turned on every time someone showers.  They are inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores.  A properly installed and functioning, ventilation fan in your bathroom's ceiling will help move the air out of your bathroom and clear the humidity caused by hot showers and other running water.  It is important however to ensure that your ventilation fan has been properly installed and is venting the moist bathroom air outside of your home versus into your attic or some other room.  If it improperly vents into another area of your home, you are simply transferring your problem from one location to another. If your bathroom does not have a ventilation fan, instead of showering with the bathroom door closed, as most of us do, an alternative until a ventilation fan can be installed, would be to leave the bathroom door open while showering.  This will allow the steam/humidity to dissipate over a larger area reducing its impact.  Another alternative during warm weather months, or in warm climates, would be to open a bathroom window while showering or even putting a box fan in the window with the air blowing out of the bathroom versus in.  And of course, abstaining from very long, hot showers is always recommended when trying to prevent mold.   

Regularly cleaning your bathroom by wiping down all surfaces at least once a week will also help keep mold in check.  And when it comes to cleaning/preventing mold, wiping is always the best approach.  Molds are fungi that reproduce by releasing spores into the air.  Spraying bleach on mold may look like an easy fix.  When you spray bleach on mold it looks like it almost instantly disappears.  Unfortunately, when you spray bleach on mold, you are releasing the mold spores into the air.  Think of it like a mature dandelion that you have just gently blown upon and released the seeds floating into the air on their white dried flowers.  The mold spores that you have just released by spraying bleach upon them, float through the air and settle onto new surfaces, where they can begin to grow again if the conditions are right.  Wiping with soap and water, or another cleaner, and then throwing away any rags that may contain beginning mold spores is your best bet.

Also when it comes to mold in bathrooms, consider that caulk and grout are there to block or keep out water and moisture.  If you have missing or broken caulk or grout, water and moisture can get behind the tiles and mold can form behind the tiles where it's impossible for you to see or clean. It's important to regularly replace and/or maintain your bathroom caulk and grout.

Lastly, painting your bathroom with a mold resistant paint and/or primer will help you battle mold in your bathroom.  As indicated earlier, mold needs a food source of organic matter.  Drywall paper can be a source of food for mold.  Using a mold-resistant paint on bathroom walls can help stop mold before it starts by sealing off access to a food source.   

If you discover mold growth in your home, don't hesitate to call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at (806)780-6311 for a free mold assessment. 

Steps To Take After A House Fire

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Nervous, worried, scared, upset, wondering what to do next, and just how to do it.  First things first…take a deep breath, try to relax, and know that everything will be more than fine. Ultimately you need to make sure that your family is safe and sound. Once you can confirm that, then you can tackle the recovery process of your home and belongings.

We’ve compiled a list of five things that you should do and be aware of after a fire.  This way, you can approach the rebuilding of your home in a cool, calm, and collected manner!

(1) Review with the authorities and the professionals as to when it is safe to enter the home after the fire.  The fire department will make sure that the fire is completely extinguished and then will go through their precautionary measures in order to deem the area ‘safe’.

(2) Know who to contact. First, contact any family members to let them know of the occurrence and the fact that you are safe. Review, and then contact your insurance company. A clean-up team, such as SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock should also be one of the first calls made.  We can efficiently and professionally get you back into your home – it will be as if nothing happened!

(3) Get the fire report. Typically coming to you from the fire department, this correspondence will review the facts of the fire – the home structure, the area of the fire, as well as the time and date. In some cities and towns, you may need to call the fire department directly in order to get a copy of this report.

(4) Make sure to secure your property.  If you are not securing the property, you could potentially be making a bad situation into a terrible one – your home could be robbed of its remaining property, or, in some cases, another individual could be injured on the property (becoming your responsibility). You can ask the authorities and emergency services on the best methods in securing what is yours.

(5) Begin the clean-up process. Interior and exterior clean-up will most certainly be required, and more often than not there is damage that you cannot locate with the naked eye.  That said, you should definitely hire a professional service like SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock to do a thorough cleaning of all areas and of all soot, smoke, and odor.

Fire Damage Mitigation in West Texas

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SERVPRO Uses Deodorization Methods to Rid Your Home or Business of Foul Odors

Sometimes after a fire ignites inside your West Texas home or business, there are more problems that get created than just burnt materials and contents. Smoke created by a blaze often travels to many areas inside. Smoke leaves behind soot residues and pungent, burnt odors.

After any severely burnt materials and contents get replaced, all of the soot residues inside the building get cleaned. SERVPRO’s fire damage technicians use specialized chemicals when cleaning that help eliminate foul odors. If unpleasant aromas still exist, then a final deodorization stage takes place.

When deodorizing an area, specific chemicals get used for different situations. Various odors exist based on what materials get burned during the blaze. Some deodorization techniques use chemicals that bond and react with the foul odor particles and neutralize them. Other deodorants mask unpleasant smells with more appealing odors.

To start, we apply deodorants to the air and affected surfaces. Many times deodorization gets accomplished by using hand pumps or electric powered sprayers. In more extreme cases, advanced equipment gets used during the deodorization process.

If our SERVPRO restoration experts believe that spraying chemicals does not complete the job efficiently, then other equipment gets used to create the original environment that caused the burnt odors to exist in the first place. During a fire, combustion causes smoke particles to become microscopic and penetrate many different materials. We use specialized equipment to break down chemicals so that they penetrate materials in the same way that foul odor particles did.

One way to mimic smoke behavior is with a Vaportek system. A Vaportek deodorization system consists of a compound of natural oils sealed by a membrane. The compounds then volatilize into the air and pass through the plastic membrane. Then, air currents distribute the chemicals into the air which react with and neutralize odor molecules upon contact.

Other ways to dispense deodorants into the building in the same way smoke entered, is to use fogging methods. When using a fogging system, deodorizing products get dispensed as finely divided particles in a mist. Depending on the situation we use either a wet fogging or dry fogging system to disperse deodorants into the air.

After an advanced deodorization system gets used inside your home or business, we often use powerful box fans to ventilate the area, so that dense chemicals do not exist in the air. For professional assistance with smoke deodorization call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock any time of the day or night.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in West Texas

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If you have a commercial building that has been damaged by fire, it can be hard to know what to do once the fire has been put out. Not only will the premises be damaged by the fire, but the property may also have suffered water damage from the firefighting team and or sprinkler systems efforts to stop the fire. Other damage to your property may include:

  • Discoloration of surfaces
  • Corrosion (particularly of porous material)
  • Soot damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Structural weakness or damage

Can I clean the property myself?

First, if you must enter the premises, ensure that you know it is safe to enter but do not be tempted to try and start cleaning the property yourself. Not only could this be hazardous to you, without specialized equipment and materials you could end up causing more damage which can add to the restoration costs further down the line. If at all possible try to limit the amount of movement within the premises to ensure the minimum amount of soot and ash being entrenched in soft furnishings and carpets which may render them unsalvageable.

The best thing to do is to call our specially trained team who will ask you a few questions to ascertain the extent of your damage and find the best solution to restore your fire-damaged premises. We will then send our expert team of fire damage restorers out to inspect the fire damage and carry out an in-depth assessment. From this, we will decide the best plan of action to restore your premises.

What do Commercial Fire Damage Restoration companies do?

Whether your business is in Lubbock or West Texas, fire damage is devastating and can cause extensive damage to windows, walls, and roofs. This means that it is imperative that your property is properly protected from the elements while the work is taking place.  SERVPRO will make sure that all openings to the outside are boarded and covered up as well as covering any holes in the roof of your premises.

If your premises is also water damaged, the SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock will use their specialized equipment to remove all water and moisture from your property using a combination of pumps and dehumidifying units to rid the premises of water before secondary water damage causes further issues.

Once we are sure that there is an acceptable moisture level in the property.  SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock will get to work removing the damage to the surfaces of the property removing all soot and smoke damage. Once this is completed, we can then clean and sanitize all recoverable items to pre-fire damaged conditions where possible using both wet and dry-cleaning methods and give advice where an item is beyond repair. During this process SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock will use industrial air scrubbers and fogging equipment to remove any lingering odors caused by the fire. If we can save and restore an item, we will, which will save you paying for costly replacements.

Finally, we will start the full restoration process of your commercial premises involving minor repair, which can include replacing damaged drywall, painting and replacing carpet or flooring and also major repair works such as repairing damaged walls and roofs.

Space Heaters

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As the holiday season quickly approaches and temperatures continue to drop, many families are doing just about anything to stay warm – piling on the blankets, busting out the cozy Christmas onesies, and plugging in the old trusty space heater.

However, staying warm should not sacrifice safety. While space heaters are a great thing to have during the colder months, they still need to be used responsibly. Heating equipment fires are the second leading cause of residential fires in the U.S., according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Heating equipment fires usually happen at night and can spread throughout an entire house within minutes. In order to prevent any space heater-related accidents, here are four easy ways to use a space heater safely this holiday season.

  1. NEVER LEAVE A SPACE HEATER UNNATENDED – most house fires happen during the night when people are asleep and spread so fast it could be too late by the time someone wakes up. Fires can be prevented if heating equipment is always supervised. Always keep an eye on heaters when using them, and ALWAYS remember to unplug heaters when leaving the room.
  2. Keep space heaters AT LEAST THREE FEET away from all flammable materials – most fires start because a space heater was left unattended next to a blanket, curtain or laundry basket. Leaving flammable materials like cloth curtains and clothes close to a space heater only heightens the risk of an incident. It’s best to leave the space heater sitting in the middle of the room to avoid any incidents.
  3. Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet, NOT an extension cord or surge protector – plugging heaters into anything except a wall outlet only increases the chance for overheating. Minimize these chances by avoiding extension cords and surge protectors if possible.
  4. If possible, purchase spaces heaters with an automatic shut-off switch – an automatic shut-off switch can prevent a house fire in case a space heater overheats. However, this only lowers the risk of house fires and should still be monitored.

Space heaters can be a life saver when used correctly. But without proper supervision and care, it can lead to more problems than cold feet during the holidays. If fire damage does occur, always remember to contact SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311 to make it "Like it never even happened."

Candles—Do’s & Dont’s

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Who doesn’t love a lighting nice peppermint scented candle to help ring in the season? The wide variety of sweet and exotic scents and styles can really help bring a room together… or, if people aren’t careful, burn it down. Candles may seem like a harmless thing to have, but they can cause just as much damage as an unattended space heater. December is the peak time of year for home candle fires, according to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), and an article released earlier this year by ABC News shows candle fires are indeed on the rise.  In order to keep that pretty little candle from turning into a pretty little disaster, here are three surefire (no pun intended) ways to keep a house smelling like a brisk winter evening instead of a smokey, charred throw pillow.

  1. NEVER leave a candle unattended – most candle fires happen because a candle was left unsupervised. While it might be nice to leave a candle going while going to sleep or stepping out for a quick errand, it raises the risk of something going terribly wrong. Always remember to blow out candles before leaving a room or falling asleep.
  2. Keep candles away from small children and pets – accidents happen. Children and pets are constantly knocking into things, and if a candle is put in the wrong place it can easily turn into a disaster. To prevent any candles from possibly getting knocked over, its best to keep them out of reach.
  3. If a candle wick is getting low, throw it out – letting a candle burn too close to the holder can increase the risk of fires in the house. Replacing candles before the wick gets too low is an easy way to protect your house from any fire damage. If damage does occur, contact SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to get the house looking like new.

Candles can really help set the mood. But without proper supervision and care, it can lead to more problems than during the holidays. If fire damage does occur, always remember to contact SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311 to make it "Like it never even happened."

Drying A Water Damage

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know there is actually a science behind the process of drying? Having the knowledge of psychrometrics is essential to restoring a water-damaged structure to its former condition. While your initial reaction may be to grab a few towels to mop up the mess and place a few fans or two around the damaged area, this can actually lead to secondary damages like mold. Our SERVPRO professionals are trained in the science of drying and follow strict industry-approved standards to help lower the chances of any of these secondary damages. If your business suffers a water damage, we will:

  • Inspect the building to detect every component that is wet to help prevent secondary damage from happening.
  • Measure how much moisture is in wet material and monitor whether the materials are drying properly.
  • Speed up Mother Nature by using professional drying equipment. 

What exactly does it mean to help "speed up Mother Nature?" A wet building can often dry naturally because the environment always seeks equilibrium. When materials are wet, moisture will naturally move to drier air at the surface of the material-but only if the air is, indeed, drier. 

The only problem is, nature often takes too long and secondary damages may occur while the building is drying out. 

SERVPRO of Park Cities Professionals have the tools and equipment to help Mother Nature along, including equipment to hep dry hardwood floors, tough-to-reach spaces inside walls, and much more. We also use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and a proven scientific process to help speed the drying of your home or business. 

It's not only the equipment, but the technology too. SERVPRO has developed DryBook, a proprietary tool that provides real-time documentation and updates on the drying process and helps ensure industry drying requirements are met. With DryBook Mobile, you have the ability to know exactly where your property is in the drying process. 

The bottom line? SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock professionals have the training and equipment to help make water damage "Like it never even happened." Call us anytime at 806-780-6311!

Kitchen Fire Safety

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According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries. The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking. Follow these tips to create a safer cooking environment: 

  • Be alert! If you are tired or have consumed alcohol don’t use the oven or stove.
  • Stay in the kitchen while you are frying, grilling, boiling, or broiling food.
  • If you are simmering, baking, or roasting food, check it regularly, remain in the kitchen while food is cooking, and use a timer to remind you that you are cooking.
  • Keep anything that can catch fire – oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels or curtains – away from the stovetop.
  • Keep an easily accessible fire extinguisher somewhere in your kitchen. 

If you have a cooking fire, consider the following safety protocols to help keep you and your family safe.

  • Just get out! When you leave, close the door behind you to help contain the fire.
  • Call 911 or the local emergency number after you leave.
  • For an oven fire turn off the heat and keep the door closed.
  • If you try to fight the fire, be sure others are getting out and you have a clear way out.
  • Keep a lid nearby when you are cooking to smother small grease fires. Smother the fire by sliding the lid over the pan and turn off the stovetop. Leave a pan covered until it is completely cooled. Never add water to a grease fire!

If you have experienced a kitchen fire call the professionals at SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311.

Preventing Mold

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The key to preventing and stopping indoor mold growth is to control excessive moisture and condensation. Keeping susceptible areas in the home clean and dry is critical. In general, mold will not grow indoors without water, dampness or excessive moisture.

Three main factors contribute to condensation of water on building surfaces:

  • Relative Humidity: Condensation occurs when the air is saturated with water and it cannot hold any more moisture. For example, steam generated from bathroom showers or from cooking can fill up the air with moisture, which will then condense into drops of water on cooler surfaces, such as mirrors and windows. Where possible, localized sources of humidity, such as clothes dryers, should be directly vented to the outdoors. To lower indoor humidity during warm, humid weather, air conditioners should be used.
  • Temperature: Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Condensation occurs when warm humid air comes into contact with a cold surface and the moisture condenses into water. This can often be seen on single-pane windows, where water condenses and then runs down, causing the wood frames and sills to rot and the wall under the windows to blister.
  • Poor Ventilation: Indoor humidity can build up if there is not enough ventilation and exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Where there is little or no air movement, such as behind dressers and cabinets, surfaces can remain cooler than surrounding areas, which can lead to increased condensation and mold growth. It is recommended that the area is ventilated, and the occupants use exhaust fans (vented to the outdoors) to remove moisture from high-humidity areas, particularly in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. Furniture should be moved slightly away from walls so that air can freely pass behind it. Air should be allowed to circulate between rooms and regularly ventilate to remove humid air. Fans should be used as needed.

Other things that can be done are to clean and repair gutters regularly, make sure the ground slopes down and away from the home’s foundation and keep air conditioner drip pans and drain lines clean. In addition, in air-conditioned buildings in hot and humid climates, vinyl wall coverings on the interior sides of exterior walls should not be used, as these materials can trap moisture, resulting in mold growth underneath them.

In the case of floods or leaking pipes, any standing water should be promptly removed, and water-damaged materials should either be dried out and cleaned or removed and replaced. Porous materials that are wet for more than 48 hours are likely to produce mold growth and should be discarded. In instances where the water damage is extensive, it is recommended that you call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311, so that we may assist you in preventing growth after a water damage or remove the mold if it is already an issue.

5 Uses for Fall Leaves

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As you all know, Lubbock has a reputation for being a windy city. In the summertime, this breeze is much needed to give some relief from the rising temperatures. However, in the fall the wind can cause leaves to fly around everywhere leaving everyone’s lawn and gutters a mess. Usually after raking or blowing the leaves into a neat pile they are thrown out and never thought of again. There are, however, a few different ways to use your leftover leaves so that you don’t always need to throw them away.

  1. Use them as an art project- You can create a wreath out of leaves, or even paint over them and make a whimsical painting. Pinterest has tons of fun and easy ideas to use for art projects.
  2. Mulch- Break the leaves up and repurpose them into your soil for a free, organic mulch.
  3. Save them- Leaves are always beautiful to look. Why not press them and frame them to go in your house.
  4. Let your kids enjoy them- Most people’s favorite fall memory as a kid was jumping into a pile of leaves. Have your kids enjoy rolling around and throwing leaves as a fun activity.
  5. Compost- Create a compost bin out of your leaves. Be sure to chop the leaves up first to speed up the process.

Finding new uses for leaves can help make decorating for the fall season more exciting. If you get any property damage due to the fall weather call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311 to make it "Like it never even happened."


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Seeing your building vandalized can be upsetting and leave you feeling clueless on how to begin the clean-up process. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has your back and our highly specialized team can begin the clean-up and make it look like “it never even happened.”

Make sure that when your building is vandalized to contact the police. In Texas, any form of vandalism resulting in less than $100 in property damage requires the vandal to pay a fine. If the vandalism results in $750 to $2,500 in damage, the vandal could end up facing up to one year in prison and up pay up to $4,000 in fines.

Vandalism is a crime whether it was meant as a joke or done purposefully. Always know that you are not alone in the clean-up, and be sure to call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311 to clean up any vandalism that occurs.

How to Save on Electricity This Winter

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During the winter months it’s easy for your electricity bill to skyrocket. On average the electric bill can be 200 kWh more in the winter than in the summer months. Between cranking up the thermostat and decorating your home in Christmas lights it’s easy to see why the bill is so much higher in the winter. Here are a few tips that you can use to lower your bill:

  • Turning the thermostat down at night and instead adding a few extra blankets to your bed can help keep down the energy cost.
  • Make sure you are closing all the doors to your house. If a door is cracked or left open the warm air can escape making the house feel colder than it is.
  • Christmas lights are another large drain on the energy bill. LED Christmas lights can use up to 75% less energy than other brands. Also make sure to always unplug your lights at night before going to sleep.
  • Bundling up in warm clothes can allow you to leave the thermostat lower. Wearing a sweatshirt or jacket around the house can both be comfy and cost effective!
  • Unplug appliances around the house if you are not using them. Often, we can leave small appliances running without even thinking that they’re running the bill up.

This winter doesn’t have to mean a high electric bill.  By following these simple tips, you can work towards lowing your energy costs.

Kitchen Fires

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

How to put out different types of cooking fires

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home injuries. When at home cooking in your kitchen, if a fire starts panic can start to set in and leave you scrambling on how to put it out. Here are different types of fires that can occur in your kitchen and how to put each of them out. And remember if you don’t get the fire out in time before damage occurs, call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to make it "Like it Never Even Happened."

Grease Fire- You’re heating up oil in a pot when you get a phone call. You turn your back to the stove and next thing you know your pot of oil has gone up in flames. Even though you may be tempted, you should never pour water on a grease fire. Why? Because water and oil don’t mix and therefore won’t put out the fire. The first step you should take is turning the stove off and seeing if you can smother the fire yourself. Salt and Baking soda are also good to throw on the fire. Make sure to call your emergency number if the fire can’t be contained, and if any damage is done to your kitchen call SERVPRO.

Oven Fire- If something in your oven catches fire the best thing to do is turn off the oven and leave the door closed. This will cut off any oxygen and will allow the flame to die. If the fire does not go out, then contact your emergency number and vacate the premises.

Electrical Fire- Never use water on an electrical fire. If you have a fire extinguisher use that, and even if the fire is put out still make sure to call the fire department any time there is an electrical fire.

Remember after a kitchen fire if there is ever extensive damage be sure to call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311 and we can make sure your home is back to normal in no time.

What is Mold?

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

Let’s get scientific for a moment. What is mold? Mold is an informal term for a group of filamentous fungi that are common on food or wet materials. According to American Industrial Hygiene Association, most molds that are found inside are caused by flooding from surface waters or storms, roof leaks, leaking pipes, damp basements, or condensation on cold surfaces.

Here’s a little more about mold that you might not know:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

            Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48 hours. Since mold can produce allergens and irritants, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is available to inspect your home if you get the hunch that you have a mold problem. If mold is found, we have the training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation. Call us at 806-780-6311 – we’re faster to any size disaster.

How does a water damage happen?

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When water rushes in, it rushes with vengeance. Water damage occurs when excess water floods into areas where it shouldn’t be. So, how does water flooding in a home happen? It could be caused by problems like these:

  • Storms and natural disasters
  • Bursting pipes
  • Issues with plumbing
  • Faulty household appliances
  • HVAC issues

If your house has been flooded, start by asking yourself if it’s safe to stay in the house. If so, then start on these steps:

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and carpeting
  • Turn AC on for maximum drying in the summer
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting
  • Remove art objects to a safe and dry place
  • Gather loose items from the floor

Be sure you use caution and do not use any household appliances and stay out of rooms where ceilings are sagging. Your safety is most important! Your SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock team will head out to inspect your house and start restoring your belongings. If you have a water emergency don’t hesitate to call us at 806-780-6311.

Commercial Safety Plans

7/27/2018 (Permalink)

We at SERVPRO® at Southwest Lubbock do our very best in restoring businesses to their pre-damaged state. However, we are not just concerned with being there when you need us to get your business back on track. We’re also concerned with our community’s safety. Companies big or small should have plans in place in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Below is a list of a few suggestions we believe make a strong safety plan.

  1. Have an evacuation plan: In the event of fire or water emergency you and your employees should have the quickest and safest possible exit. Be sure everyone has knowledge of exit routes before an emergency situation.
  2. Fire Safety: Most businesses are required by law to have fire extinguishers on site but be sure your team knows how to use them properly in the event of a fire. Also take necessary precautions to ensure they are all in good working order. Sprinklers, smoke detectors or alarms are all great fire suppressant systems, and like fire extinguishers, should be inspected and maintained as needed to avoid malfunctions during an emergency.
  3. Consider a communication system: Have a way to let all employees know there’s been an emergency in the building, whether by email or text. Then send out follow up messages to keep everyone on the same page. For example, do employees come in as scheduled? Is it safe or will there be a company meeting discussing details? Depending on the size of your organization the need for a communication system may vary.

Items, furniture, and homes can be restored or replaced but members of our community cannot. Take precautions to keep you, your employees and customers safe during an emergency, SERVRPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can take care of the rest.

Summer Storms

7/27/2018 (Permalink)

Don’t let mother nature rain on your parade this July. Here at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock we have all the necessary knowledge, tools, and friendly staff to help restore your home after any summer storm.

How? We are one of the leading companies in the restoration industry and are equipped with advanced technology to help make your home like new, even after severe weather damage.

When? 24/7! We are available anytime you need us. Just give us a call.

Where? Although we are a national company with over 1,700 franchises our locally owned and operated storefronts serve Lubbock and surrounding areas.

Who? Our highly trained technicians will make your home seem like the damage never even happened. With experience, expertise, and empathy, they provide the best possible experience and will share the restoration process with you every step of the way.

Storms can ruin any summer plan, but with our advanced technology, caring, and knowledgeable staff we work to see that they don’t ruin your home.  

Restoring Your Lubbock Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

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Flooding and water damage events at Lubbock commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Our Crew

Do you know where to turn off your water supply?

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When the unfortunate happens, and a water pipe bursts in your business property, do you know where to run and turn off your water supply?

That is where SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock comes in! One of the many services we provide is what we call, an ERP (Emergency Ready Profile). We create an Emergency Ready Profile personalized specifically for your business. The ERP helps make a plan for your business in case a disaster were to happen in your property, such as a bursting pipe that causes a flood.

Benefits from an ERP:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes that SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.

These benefits help with a much faster response time to your business, which helps avoid any further damages to your property.

50% of businesses may never reopen again following a disaster.

Stay informed by visiting: https://www.ready.gov/

Call us today to schedule your free ERP, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock (806) 780-6311

Does Your West Texas Home Have A Mold Problem?

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Mold Damage

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – (806) 780-6311

Lubbock Residents: Follow These Mold Safety Tips If You Suspect Mold

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Be careful! Without proper training, you could be spreading mold throughout your home.

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today –(806) 780-6311 

When Storms or Floods hit Lubbock, SERVPRO is ready!

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Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in Lubbock.

SERVPRO ofSouthwest Lubbock specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Lubock, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today (806) 780-6311

Lubbock 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

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SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in West Texas.

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - (806) 780-6311

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Our Crew

Our Certifications

Lubbock Residents: We Specialize in Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration!

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

This Lubbock home’s basement flooded due to heavy rains.

A basement can flood at any time, although flooding most often occurs during heavy rainfall. Basements are inherently prone to flooding because they are the lowest level of a building and are normally built partly or entirely below ground level. There are a number of reasons why your basement could flood, including: 

  • A blocked or failed sewer lateral pipe
  • Heavy rain causes surface water to pool around your home
  • Storm sewer backup
  • Sanitary sewer backup
  • Foundation drainage failure
  • Water supply-line break or hot-water tank failure
  • And many more

Have Questions about Basement Flooding?

Call Today - (806) 780-6311

If flood water is not handled quickly and properly, it can jeopardize your health and safety, and cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

The bottom line: a flooded basement can jeopardize your health, safety, and your home’s integrity. It’s worth making a call to SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock and let our trained, professional crews handle the situation safely and correctly. We have earned the trust of hundreds of homeowners, business owners, and property professionals.

We are Flooded Basement Specialists:

  • We are Available 24 hours/7 days per week
  • We’re a Preferred Vendor to many National Insurance Companies
  • We Bill The Insurance Directly – One Less Thing For You To Worry About
  • Our Technicians are Highly-Trained  in Water Restoration Techniques
  • We use s500 IICRC Restoration Standards
  • Advanced Inspection and Extraction Equipment

Basement Flooded? Call Us Today – We’re Ready To Help (806) 780-6311

Faster to your West Texas Water Damage Event

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Flooding and water damage is very invasive. Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, and more.  SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock arrives quickly and starts the water extraction process almost immediately. This immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs.

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – (806) 780-6311

Water Damage Timeline

Within Minutes

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path.
  • Water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings.
  • Furniture finishes may bleed, causing permanent staining on carpets.
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp.

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain.
  • A musty odor appears.

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread.
  • Doors, windows, and studs swell and warp.
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode.
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold.
  • Paint begins to blister.
  • Wood flooring swells and warps.
  • Serious biohazard contamination is possible.

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.
  • Structural safety, mold growth, and biohazard contaminants pose serious risks to occupants.

About SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock

SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Our Crew

Our Certifications and Training

Smoke and Soot Cleanup in Lubbock, TX

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke and Soot Damage Can Cause a Pervasive Odor in Your Lubbock Home

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Smoke and soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting. Here is some additional information:

Wet Smoke – Plastic and Rubber

  • Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood

  • Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue – Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

  • Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor. 

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?
Call Us Today – (806) 780-6311

Water Damage

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage

Water damage happens without warning and quickly becomes overwhelming to deal with. You’re not just worried about furniture or carpets we know you’re also worried about what can’t be replaced, like photographs and documents. But SERVPRO ® of Southwest Lubbock has caring and empathetic experts who will help guide you and restore your home and belongings.

We take great care of what is yours and want to do our absolute best in reviving your belongings. We offer many cleaning options depending on the item and damage severity. For example, with electronics we start by cleaning the exterior to prevent further damage and once all cleaning is done trained electricians inspect the device.

We also have a special process for sentimental, irreplaceable items. Depending on the type of documents and the level of water damage, we have five options for restoration: Air Drying, Dehumidification, Freezer Drying, Vacuum Freeze Drying and Vacuum Thermal Drying.

            Our professionals at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock understand the stress of dealing with water damage, but we are here 24/7 to help you restore your home. “Like it never even happened.”

Storm Damage

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Storm Damage

Storms happen quickly and if your business experiences storm damage we know your recovery must happen even quicker. Even the biggest commercial building seems small in a storm and can experience damage as easily as a home.

No matter how big the storm, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can provide a quick and safe clean up. We’ve cleaned messes like standing water in multi-floor buildings and are equipped to handle the cleanup your business needs.     

We work with you every step of the way and do our best to work with little interruption to your normal schedule. With our service on call 24/7 we can have your business open by lunch time the next day. Storms may be big, but no amount of damage is too big your SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock team.

Mold Remediation

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Here at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock, we are the mold magicians… making it seem to just disappear. But like any good magician we have a few tricks up our sleeve. These are a few of the tools we use to get rid of that pesky mold:

  • Sensitive moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation, where mold loves to grow
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers pull the water vapor from the air, another place mold likes to hang out
  • Disinfection products stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms
  • Air scrubbers, Thermal foggers and deodorization agents remove airborne contaminants and control the air quality

Of course, our guys use a few more tools to ensure the mold is completely gone, but a good magician never reveals all their secrets, right? No one wants to deal with mold, but we are here to help 24/7. Call us anytime of day or night at 806-780-6311.

A Timeline for Water Damage

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A Timeline for Water Damage

Whether it’s flooding or appliance malfunction, we know how damaging high amounts of water can be to our homes. But what really happens when water decides to invite itself in? Here’s a timeline for what effects water has on our belongings.

Within Minutes

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path.
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp.

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • A musty odor appears.

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread.
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold.
  • Wood flooring swells and warps

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.

But SERVPRO ® of Southwest Lubbock is faster than any disaster, whether it’s been three seconds or three days we will work to make your house feel like home again. For more information about the effects of water visit www.SERVPROsouthwestlubbock.com.

Storm Restoration

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Hitting golf balls on the range? Enjoyable. Golf ball sized hail hitting your windows? A disaster. The weather around Lubbock is unpredictable and can sometimes have a devastating impact on your home. Although you can’t stop the weather, we can limit the amount of damage done by violent storms. Here are a few tips for preparing for a storm:

  • Trim the trees, wind could knock down any lose or dead branches
  • Secure the backyard, any furniture or objects left outside should be secured and ready to endure heavy winds
  • Clean the gutters, if gutters stay full they could become clogged and cause water to seep in under the roof
  • If flooding is a concern, move poisons or garden chemicals kept outside to above ground level and that important items inside are kept in a safe place
  • If there’s a large hail warning, consider boarding your windows and staying in the room with least amount of windows

If, even after all these precautions, mother nature still managed to cause a mishap let us take care of it for you. At SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock we are open 24/7 and can assess and fix the damage in no time. Like it never even happened!

GFCI Outlets

5/24/2018 (Permalink)

There are several things that can go wrong in your home simply within your appliances malfunctioning and causing anywhere from a fire to flood. Because of this, it’s important to know about appliances that are created to prevent as many disasters from accidentally happening and to aid in the safety of you, your family, and your home. The GCFI outlet, or ground fault circuit interrupter, constantly monitors electricity flowing in a circuit to sense any loss of the current to protect from an electrical shock.

Why do I need a GCFI outlet?

A GCFI outlet is instrumental in preventing a fuse from heating up quickly to a point that becomes fatal before it even becomes noticeable. For example, if you are using an appliance that is plugged into a GCFI outlet while outside in the pouring rain, the GCFI can sense the current flowing through you and therefore prevent the circuit from fatally shocking you, and instead will trip the circuit to cut off the electricity.

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can assist you in making sure your home’s outlets are safe. Give us a call at (806) 780-6311 today.

Commercial Restoration

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Recently we have seen an abundance of natural disasters take place all around the world, including destructive hurricanes and floods. And it doesn’t just stop there; we have also experienced wildfires ravage through Southern California. Each one of these events resulted in the major destruction of people’s businesses and commercial property. At SERVPRO® we know how devastating events like this can be for individuals who own commercial and private property, so we want to reassure you that we have the tools and skills to help you during the restoration process.

At SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock, we believe that no job is too big. We have an elite group of individuals who specialize in restoration. This group is referred to as the SERVPRO®  Commercial Large Loss Division. We place these specialists across the country so that they are prepared to begin the restoration process immediately after a disaster occurs. Our SERVPRO® Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of highly trained and skilled individuals who specialize in commercial restoration. We want you to know that you are always in good hands if your commercial property ever gets damaged, no matter how big or small the damage is. Here is a list of some of our clients for the Commercial Large Loss program:

  • Property Managers
  • The Hospitality Industry
  • Universities
  • Municipalities
  • The Pentagon

SERVPRO® is dedicated to helping our customers, and we are always to prepared to assist you, no matter what the situation entails! Let us help you if your commercial property or buildings are ever damaged. Just give us a call 24/7 at (806) 780-6311.

Your Business's Safety is Our Business

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Not only is owning a building a responsibility, but if you also own the business inside of that building, you additionally are responsible for the safety of the employees that work inside. When disaster hits your business, do not worry about the mess-that’s our job! Once you and your employees are safe, we’ll take care of the rest. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has the equipment and expertise to make it "like it never even happened"!

If you’re concerned that SERVPRO® may not be able to help, we specialize in all types of business buildings such as:

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Large Office/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-Box Stores
  • High-Rise Residential
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Government/Military

We understand that every second lost to clean up is a second of productivity lost for your business. Let us restore your business to its original thriving state in no time at all! Call our expert team at 806-780-6311, whenever you might need SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock.

Storms: "Like it never even happened."

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When a storm hits, the last thing you should be worried about is “How are we going to fix our home?” Serving Lubbock since 1967, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock specializes in and prides themselves on restoring your home or business “like it never even happened.” If knowing that SERVPRO® has over 65 years of experience in restoring storm damage doesn’t assure you, here are some certifications and awards that SERVPRO® has received for its quick and thorough restorations:


  • AMRT - Applied Microbial Remediation Technician
  • ECTP - Employee Certification Training Program
  • FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • IICRC Certified Firm
  • RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • RRT - Carpet Repair & Reinstallation Technicians
  • WRT-Water Restoration Technician


  • 2010-Directors Gold SERVPRO® Industries
  • 2011-Directors Gold SERVPRO® Industries
  • 2011-Franchise of the Year Award
  • 2012-Franchise of The Year
  • 2012-Franchise of the Year Award
  • 2012-Silver Award for 2011 Outstanding Sales Performance
  • 2013-Bronze Award for 2012 Outstanding Sales Performance
  • 2014-Silver Award for 2013 Outstanding Sales Performance
  • 2015-Business of The Year from the Volunteer Center of Lubbock
  • 2015-Platinum Award for 2014 Outstanding Sales Performance
  • 2016-Franchise of The Year
  • Chairman’s Bronze for Outstanding 2016 Sales Performance

Let our highly skilled teams help you in your time of need. Call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock whenever you need us, day or night, at 806-780-6311.

Commercial Clean-Up

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

As time passes your workspace and office might go through some wear and tear. It can be stressful trying to maintain and upkeep a commercial space or office, but SERVPRO® can fix these problems for you quickly and efficiently, saving you time and stress. It’s no fun having a workspace that is dirty, so let us help you, by fixing these problems and restoring your office back to its original appearance. We offer so many commercial office specialty cleaning services, which include:

  • Air Ducts and HVAC
  • Biohazard and Sewage
  • Carpet and Upholstery
  • Drapes and Blinds
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Hard Floors
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization
  • Vandalism

You can always rely on SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to come and tidy up your workspace, whether it is deep cleaning the carpets or removing foul orders. Our promise to you is that we will always make your workspace look the very best, no matter what! Our staff is made up of the most skilled commercial cleaning specialists out there, who continuously provide excellent service and results.

We hope you choose SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock next time you need your commercial property and office space to be repaired or clean! All you need to do is give us a call at (806) 780-6311, and we will be there promptly to begin the cleanup process.

Mold Facts: What to Watch Out For

1/24/2018 (Permalink)

When the freezing temperatures begin to thaw, water will be left behind. Unfortunately, this is where mold begins to take root. Mold can start to grow in as a little as 48 hours after water is left behind! Since microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, removing all mold from a home or business is virtually impossible. However, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock understands both mold and mold growth, and our experts have the training to eliminate the mold in your home or business. We also understand that most people are not mold experts, so here are some facts about mold to keep an eye out for:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic, float along in the air, and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor, and that odor can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Keep the humidity in your home or business below 45% to prevent humidity and fostering mold growth.

If you see mold anywhere in your home or business, remember SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is ready to help 24/7. Give us a call!

Stay Safe During Storms

1/8/2018 (Permalink)

While January brings about so many wonderful things like new beginnings, and for winter lovers, cold weather, January also seems to bring with it winter storms. When a storm hits, don't panic. We want the priority to be making sure homeowners' and their loved ones are safe, first and foremost; SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock will be there when it's time to help pick up the pieces. Here are some tips on how to stay safe in the event of a storm:

  • Be especially cautious of potentially hazardous or electrical "slip and fall" areas.
  • Water damaged electrical products can be extremely dangerous. Do not attempt to turn on any electrical device that you suspect may have been damaged by water.
  • Do not go back in to the home once reaching a safe area where emergency services can be called.
  • Do not reenter the home unless the structure of the home has been deemed safe to be inside.

We at SERVPRO® understand that what makes a house a home are the belongings inside the home providing sentimental value and comfort to a homeowner and their family. For this reason, we specialize in restoring contents such as furniture, carpets, and even documents and photographs damaged by storms and any other water-related damages. SERVPRO® has a 24/7 disaster team that exists for homeowners' peace of mind, even in an event like a storm. We are always ready to help!

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year!

Foundation Issues

12/18/2017 (Permalink)

Home- as they say, there’s no place like it. However, it is important to take care of your house and notice whenever there are issues that maybe detrimental to keeping up with it. Certain issues will cost you even more down the road if you chose to ignore the warning early signs. An example of this is foundation issues. Below are some of the key things to keep a lookout for.

  1. Cracked, crumbling or compromised foundations

When doing a routine inspection of your house watch for this things in a cracked foundation:

  • Hairline fractures or cracks (vertical, horizontal or zigzagging)
  • Sloping, sagging or buckling of foundation floors or walls
  • Ruptures or gaps
  • Crumbling or flaking (of the concrete)
  • Moisture (including pooling water, mold and stains)
  1. Water damage and soil shifting
  • Homeowners can check for potential signs of water damage by inspecting the soil around the property to see if it is either unnaturally wet or unusually dry
  • Homeowners can also check invisibleleaks by shutting off all water-based appliances, spigots and faucets, then noting the exact readout of the water meter. After waiting six to 12 hours, they should then check to see if the water meter has changed
  1. Sagging Floors and warped ceilings
  • With a level tool, you can verify whether the slope is consistent on each floor and ceiling. An easier solution is to use a tennis ball to see if minute gradients exist. When placed in random locations on every floor, the tennis ball should never move.
  1. Cracked, crumbling or buckling walls
  • Homeowners should routinely inspect all interior and exterior walls for cracks, fissures, warps and shifts, crumbling and decay — especially with cement or brick façades and water damage (moisture, mold and stains)
  1. Improperly Fitting Doors and Windows
  • All of the windows and doors throughout the home should fit snugly in place — neither too tight nor too loose.

Be on the lookout for any of these issues! If you notice something is wrong, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is ready to help.

Christmas Tree Safety

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

‘Tis the season many of us have been waiting for all year long; Christmas! It’s the time to celebrate joy with family and friends. Many begin to decorate their homes with beautiful lights and other Christmas décor, including the must-have Christmas tree. In the United States, Christmas trees start approximately 210 house fires per year. We have listed some safety tips to prevent any fires from sparking in your house.

  • Look for a fresh tree with green needles. Dry trees are more likely to catch fire than fresh ones.
  • Always keep your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights. Nearly a quarter of fires occur because a heat source was located too close to the tree.
  • Keep the tree base filled with water to avoid a dry out.
  • Never use lit candles to decorate the tree.
  • Use low energy, safe lighting that’s been certified by a safety testing lab. Don’t use damaged or frayed cords.
  • Make sure the light you use outside, is suitable for outdoors. Decorative lights with live voltage were involved in more than 20 percent of the fire instances.
  • Don’t forget to turn your Christmas tree lights off each night. This not only saves energy but also prevents fires from starting at night.
  • If you are using an artificial tree, make sure it is flame resistant and have a seal for an approved safety testing laboratory if the tree contains a built-in lighting set.
  • Make sure the tree is not blocking an exit.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Make sure everyone knows its location and how to use it.

Between 2006 and 2010, about 230 home fires per year were responded to by U.S. fire departments, killing an average of four people each year and injuring many more. If you have any inconvenience with your tree of other Christmas décor, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock, we focus on dealing with all the troubles so that you can enjoy your holidays. We wish you a safe and fire-free Christmas!

Turkey Frying Safety

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Thinking about all the delicious food for Thanksgiving dinner makes our mouth’s water. Cooking this special meal is a meaningful time for many families. It’s a moment to celebrate with the ones you love and enjoy the smell of the food ready to be set on the table. But many things can go wrong without the right precautions. Here at SERVPRO® we care about the well-being of you and your loved ones. This blog lists some important information to prevent any dangerous burns or fires when cooking the main dish; the turkey.

  1. Keep your turkey in the freezer.

Put it in a place where you can monitor the temperature. When thawing the turkey, wrong temperature can cause bacteria to grow rapidly.

  1. Use a food thermometer to ensure that the stuffing temperature reaches 165 °F.
  2. Don’t use glass pans to cook your turkey because it could shatter.

In the case you do use a glass pan and it breaks, turn off the oven immediately. Wait for the oven to cool off and use gloves to pick up the broken glass.

  1. To avoid any glass from breaking, use an aluminum or steel pan to cook the turkey.
  2. Juicy turkeys.

Many times, while the turkey is cooking, juice tends to drip put of the pan and cause fire sparks. To avoid this from happening, make sure to have two to three cooking syringes nearby. Check the turkey constantly and absorb the juice with the syringes.

  1. Always use cooking mitts to avoid burning your hands.
  2. Children in the house.

Make sure to place knives and hot pans somewhere they can’t reach it.

  1. Taking the turkey out of the oven.

Wait a few minutes for the oven to cool off. Ask someone for help when carrying the turkey out of the oven to avoid getting burned or dropping the turkey.

SERVPRO® wishes you a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving around the people you love. Remember, in the case something goes wrong, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help you deal with situations from fires to mold, to floods and much more! Our goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it "Like it never even happened." With a nationwide system of qualified franchises, no damage is too large or too small for SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock.

Space Heaters: A Quick Guide

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

After coming back from a cold and windy day, the only thing you want is to feel warm again. You turn on your space heater and stay there till you feel your body get warm and cozy, but it is important to know that all space heaters should be monitored regularly because it can be dangerous, if left unsupervised.

Here is some useful information to keep yourself and others warm and safe around a heater.

Some of the main risks of space heaters are fires, burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 25,000 house fires every year are associated with space heaters. Data also shows that at least 6,000 people have suffered extreme burn injuries associated with heaters as well.

  • Space heaters should be plugged directly in to the wall because using the wrong extension cord could spark a fire. Also, make sure to check these plugs often for cracks or damages to avoid any risks.
  • Make sure to place your space heater away from flammable objects such as curtains, furniture, plastic materials, paper, gas or paint.
  • Don’t let pets or children near the space heater.
  • Never leave the heater on, always turn it off when you’re leaving a room or going to sleep.
  • Wear mittens or winter gloves if you will be warming your hands near the heater. Once the heater is on full power don’t touch it because you could get burned.
  • Place space heaters on flat surfaces. Never place them on cabinets, tables, furniture, or carpet, which can overheat and start a fire.
  • Make sure your space heater has the label showing that it is listed by a recognized testing laboratory.
  • Space heaters should never be used to warm bedding, cook food, dry clothing or thaw pipes.

It’s important to remember these tips – and that you can count on SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock 24/7 if you need us.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing, and winter is whispering “I’m coming.” It is important to be ready for the cold winds and snowy days. Read this list to make yourself and your home cozy and ready for the cold.

  • If the sidewalk is snowy, wear boots and walk carefully to prevent slips and injuries.
  • Wear thick socks and long sleeves inside your For extra warmth, buy cheap tights and wear before putting on pants.
  • Drive only if it is necessary. If you must drive, do it during the day and don’t travel by yourself.
  • Make sure your tires have enough tread.
  • Have a winter-kit (blanket, gloves, salt to melt snow, first aid kit, flashlight and phone chargers) ready in your car in case an unexpected event happens.
  • Check your home’s exterior doors for cold air leaks. Do this from inside the house. Seal doors by installing foam or felt weather stripping inside the door frame.
  • Look for damaged or missing pieces of your roof that may leak during winter’s storms or from melting snow.
  • Clean the gutters, water can back up against the house and damage roofing.
  • Turn on exterior faucets to prevent pipes from bursting.
  • If you have a fireplace, keep the flue closed when you're not using it.
  • Lower the hot water temperature.
  • Set fan blades to move clockwise in winter.
  • Make sure your furniture isn't blocking your home’s heating vents.

Winter can become a dangerous season if you are not careful and prepared for it. If you follow these easy steps we assure you will be able to enjoy this season and have fun playing in the snow. Don’t forget to have hot chocolate, blankets, and gather with your family to keep the warmth flowing in your home. 

How to Prevent Mold from Growing in your Home

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

Mold is a nightmare for anyone who has ever had it in their household. It is disgusting and makes you cringe with only the thought of it. Despite there being good mold, most people don’t want any mold at their place. Houses contain plenty of organic materials for mold to feed off such as wood, drywall, carpet, food, paper, wallpaper, paint, fabrics, cotton, books, leather, furniture, dust, ceiling tiles, inside air conditioners and almost any other organic material. Moisture is another thing that makes mold grow, but this can be controlled by keeping the moisture in your house low. If something in your home is wet for more than 24 hours you run the risk of mold starting to appear. Here are some steps to prevent mold from growing in your house.

  • Identify problem areas in your home like condensation in windows, water stain on ceilings, leaks, areas that flood, etc.
  • Install mold-resistant products like mold-resistant drywall or mold-resistant Sheetrock.
  • Dry wet areas immediately, even a spill on the carpet should be dried within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Don’t leave wet clothes in the washing machine.
  • Vent appliances that produce moisture — clothes dryers, stoves — to the outside.
  • Make sure AC units and dehumidifiers are not producing moisture by checking and cleaning them periodically.
  • Keep indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent.
  • Have your roof gutters cleaned regularly and inspected for damage.
  • Keep an eye out for water stains after storms that may indicate a leak.
  • Open doors between rooms, move furniture away from walls, and open closets that may be colder than the rooms they’re in.
  • Let fresh air in to reduce moisture.
  • Indoor plants. Add a bit of Taheebo tea to the water you give to your houseplants. The oil of this tree helps delay mold growth in plant soil.

Remember to vacuum and clean often to reduce dirt and prevent mold from living in your house. It has been found that 80% of mold grows on dust. Once mold has begun to grow it's not enough to just take away the mold's moisture source. Mold that runs out of moisture can lie dormant for a long time without dying. So, if you already have mold growth in your home make sure to act fast and remove it immediately. Follow the steps above to ensure a mold-free household.

Floods: What You Should Keep in Mind

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

With the recent devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, it has most of us thinking about what we would do if were in the situation that we needed to evacuate our homes because a hurricane was hitting our streets. What would we do if we came home and our house had been destroyed by flooding? What would we do if we suddenly have no clothes, food, or any of the appliances that we’ve come so accustomed to using?

After any water damage situation, your primary focus should be safety first:

  • Is it safe to stay in the house?
  • Electrical and “slip and fall” hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns.
  • Only do activities safe for you to perform
  • Wet materials can be VERY heavy. Be careful!

Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. We are water removal and cleanup specialists and are ready to service your Lubbock home when flooding or water leaks cause water damage. We quickly dry your property using state-of-the-art water removal equipment and advanced drying techniques, documenting the drying process to make sure your property is dry and the job is done right.

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock specializes in restoring contents damaged water. Our expertise and “restore” versus “replace” mentality can help you save money while preserving precious keepsakes that can’t be replaced. We pretest your contents to determine what items can be restored back to their condition before the water damage. We utilize several methods of cleaning your contents, including the following:

Dry Cleaning - Used for cleaning light residues or to pre-clean prior to wet cleaning.

Wet Cleaning - An effective cleaning method for removing moderate to heavy residues.

Spray and Wipe -Effective for items that can’t withstand wet cleaning.

Foam Cleaning - Used for upholstery fabrics that might shrink or bleed if wet cleaned.

Abrasive Cleaning - Involves agitation of the surface being cleaned.

Immersion Cleaning - Contents are dipped into a bath of the cleaning product.

We can’t imagine what the people in the Houston area along with the entire state of Florida are going through – but we want to help. Though the storms are over, donations are still needed. Please text HARVEY to 90999 to donate to the American Red Cross. You are also able to donate to both hurricane relief funds on their website: www.redcross.org.

Let us help you if water ever damages your home – call us 24/7 at 806-780-6311.

Fire Safety for Pets

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Home fires are the most common disaster that the American Red Cross responds to, according to their website – and also, they are the most preventable. According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by fires.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you need a plan for your family in case of disaster, you should also have a plan for your pets.

Did you know?

  • The National Fire Protection Association estimates that nearly 1,000 home fires each year are accidentally started by the homeowners’ pets.

The best way to protect your pets is to include them in your family escape plan, in case of disaster. Train your pets to go to you when you call their name that way in the event of a fire evacuation, you can leave with them easily and safely.

The American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services have provided the following tips:

  • Be sure your pet is not left unattended by open flames, such as cooking appliances, candles, or fire place. Be sure to extinguish any flame before leaving your home.
  • Remove stove knobs or protect them with covers before leaving the house. A stove is the number one appliance involved in your pet starting a fire.
  • Invest in flameless candles – these candles contain a light bulb rather than an open flame, and take the danger out of your pet knocking over a candle (something cats are notorious for).
  • Secure your pets while you’re away – keep them confined in secure areas that don’t present a potential fire hazard.

Some other tips? Keep pets near entrances when you’re away from your home and keep their collars on. Have leashes nearby and ready in case firefighters need to rescue your pet. You can also affix a pet alert window cling and write down the number of pets inside your house and attach the cling to a front window. This information saves rescuers time when locating your pets.

Pets become a part of our families, and we need to remember that we need to have plans in place for them too when it comes to safely evacuating a home in case of a fire. And remember, if you are victim of a house fire, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock can help #LikeItNeverEvenHappened.

Protect Your Business

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

When natural disasters happen suddenly without warning, it can be tough as a business owner to know what steps to take. Today we’re providing you with a couple of tips to ensure that you’re not left unprepared if your business is victim of a disaster.

First – protect your workers! 

Talk with each employee to ensure they know just what to do if a disaster hits during work hours. Plan evacuation routes, emergency shelter areas, and have regular drills to practice your safety plans.

Secondly – secure your assets!

Protect your facilities, equipment, and more by contacting us to see what we can do for you in case of disaster. Back up data and software regularly, and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all equipment.

Third – remember us!

Keep SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock’s contact information handy so you can get back to work as soon as possible following the disaster. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is ready to respond immediately and work quickly to clean or restore your business. We understand that your property’s appearance is important and that every hour spent restoring is an hour of lost productivity. When you need a restoration or cleaning professional, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Whether it be small offices or large restaurants, we can help with it all. We’re available 24/7 to get your business back up and running. Have Questions? Call us today at 806-780-6311.

Candle Safety

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

This time of year – everyone loves candles. The autumn scents then transitioning into Christmas aromas make your house feel like it’s changing along with the seasons. However, it’s important to remember some safety tips anytime there’s an open flame in your home or business.

Here are some important tips from candles.org  to keep in mind when you light your candles:

  1. Burn the candle in sight – extinguish candles when leaving the room and before going to sleep. Check to ensure the wick is no longer glowing.
  2. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire – keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpet, paper, flammable décor, etc.
  3. Keep candles away from children and pets – it’s easy for them to get burned when they don’t realize how dangerous flames can be.
  4. Trim candlewicks to ensure even burning – long and crooked wicks can cause uneven burning and dripping.
  5. Place candle on stable, heat-resistant surface – this helps prevent heat damage to underlying surfaces and prevents glass containers from breaking!
  6. Keep candles away from drafts, vents, fans, and other air currents – this will help avoid flame flare-ups!
  7. Don’t burn a candle all the way down – discontinue burning a candle when 2 inches of wax remains or ½ an inch if in a container.
  8. Never touch or move a burning candle or candle container when wax is liquid – once it’s burning, keep it still!
  9. Never extinguish candles with water – water can cause hot wax to splatter and can potentially break the glass container.
  10. Extinguish a candle if it repeatedly smokes, flickers, or flame becomes too high – this means the candle isn’t burning properly. Trim the wick and check for drafts before relighting.

We love candles, but it’s important to practice safe habits when lighting them in your home or office. In the event that burning a candle becomes disastrous, remember that you can call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Are You Prepared if a Disaster Strikes?

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

You watch the news and see disaster strike other families, but you never think it could happen to you – until it does. Emergencies can happen at any time, and turn your world upside down in a matter of seconds. Being prepared will benefit you if you’re ever affected from a disaster. There are many benefits that come along with being armed with a plan in a disaster situation. Take action before an emergency happens. Here are a few steps from the Red Cross that you can take to start your emergency plan:

  1. Discuss with your family how you’ll respond to the types of emergencies that are most likely to happen where you live, learn, work, and play. Consider how you will respond to emergencies that can happen anywhere: such as floods and fires.
  2. Assign roles to each family member and identify how you will work as a team in case of an emergency.
  3. Discuss an evacuation plan in case you need to leave your home - have an evacuation route planned.
  4. Build an emergency kit – include the basics: water (one gallon per person), non-perishable food, flashlight, battery powered radio (with extra batteries), a first aid kit, medications, sanitation and hygiene items, personal documents, emergency blankets, and a map.
  5. Plan ahead for your pets. If it’s not safe for you at home, it’s not safe for them either.
  6. Plan what to do in case you are separated during an emergency: choose a place next to your home and another outside of your neighborhood just in case members of your family can’t make it back to your home.
  7. Choose an out-of-area emergency contact person. Save the number and be sure that places where your children spend their time (daycare, school, babysitter, etc.) have the number saved too.
  8. Practice evacuating your home twice a year. Grab your emergency kit items and drive the evacuation route you have planned.

Another safety measure you could take is to download the SERVPRO® Ready Plan app on your cell phone. This allows you to create an emergency ready profile that contains critical information – which helps speed up response time after fire or water damage. Help is then only a few clicks away! The app stores your property details, utility shut off locations, key contacts, damage photos, local weather, and more!

Stay armed, stay prepared, and know you can call SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at any time of day at (806)-780-6311.

Water Damage: Dos and Don'ts

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

With water damage, immediate action is crucial. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock responds immediately with advanced equipment and techniques to remove the water quickly. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to water damage. First off, let’s talk about clean water:


  • Shut off the source of water if possible or contact a qualified party to stop the source.
  • Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas of the building when access is safe from electrical shock.
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removing lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery cushions for even drying.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Remove paintings, art objects, computers, documents, and other materials to a safe, dry place.
  • Use wooden clothespins to keep furniture skirting off damp floors.
  • Hang draperies with coated hangers to avoid contact with wet carpeting and floors.
  • Hang fur and leather goods to dry separately at room temperature.


  • Enter rooms with standing water where electrical shock hazards may exist.
  • Enter affected areas if electrical outlets, switches, circuit breakers, or electrical equipment are exposed to water. Always avoid electrical shock hazards.
  • Leave books, newspapers, magazines, or other colored items on wet carpets or floors to cause staining.
  • Leave Oriental rugs or other colored rugs on wet wall-to-wall carpets to cause staining.
  • Use your household vacuum cleaner to remove water, possible causing electrical shock or damage to the vacuum cleaner.
  • Use TVs or other appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors, especially not on wet concrete floors.
  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet or enter rooms where ceilings are sagging from retained water.

Now, let’s discuss contaminated water:


  • Avoid all contact with sewage and items contaminated by sewage.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after contact with contaminated items.


  • Spread contaminated water by walking unnecessarily on damaged or wet areas.
  • Turn on the HVAC system if there is a possibility of spreading contaminated air.
  • Use household fans to dry the structure and spread contaminants.
  • Use products for personal hygiene and cleanliness if exposed to contaminated areas.

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has professionals dedicated to responding immediately to water emergencies. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost in the long run. Click here for more information regarding water damage. If you have been affected by water disaster and need help, call us night or day at 806-780-6311. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is faster to any size disaster.

Explore Décor: 5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

It’s easy to remember to decorate your yard around Christmas time, but during other times of the year we often neglect our outdoor spaces. Take these 5 tips to add some flare outside of your home during the warm months without breaking the bank!

  1. String Lights

While we love the colorful ones during Christmastime, basic string lights are an affordable way to brighten up your yard and give it a cozy feel all year round. Let them drape down from outdoor ceilings and railings, wrap them around trees, or hang them from walls to turn your space into a captivating oasis.

  1. Old Toys

Take old toys your children don’t play with anymore, like a wagon, to use as a base for your plants! Get creative with items that are just sitting in your garage collecting dust. Have an old tire laying around? Hang it from a tree like a tire swing, but beautify it by planting flowers inside!

  1. Wine

Yes, we said wine. Use wine bottles that you’ve finished in place of tiki torches! Spread them out around your yard to create a dreamy atmosphere during the summer months.

  1. Rocking Chairs

Add a little flare to your front porch by adding a rocking chair! It doesn’t have to be new – find one at a garage sale! Give it a fresh coat of paint if needed, and you have yourself an endearing little porch setup. Add a plaid blanket to take away the chill during the fall and you’ve taken your summer décor straight to pumpkin season!

  1. Lounging

Yard furniture can often be expensive and can get damaged quickly in the outdoor elements. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on brand new expensive furniture – utilize what you have! Add cheap hammocks and metal chairs to create cozy nooks for eating, entertaining, relaxing, and more! Have old furniture that’s been the victim of rain or other weather? Contact SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to see what we can do about getting them back to usable condition again!

Decorating your space doesn’t have to be expensive, and it shouldn’t be. Take these 5 tips and turn your lawns, patio, and porches into more than just grass and walkways. You’ll have an enviable place in no time!

Keeping Your Items Protected In Storage

7/26/2017 (Permalink)

Our personal items mean a lot to us. Usually when you’re storing them away, it’s important to know they will be safe from harm and will remain in storage until you need them. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is all about safety and helping to restore items and spaces that are damaged. Here’s a few tips we have when it comes to storing your items safely and smartly.


Video surveillance? Key pads? Your own lock? These are all things to pay close attention to. When putting your storage away, it’s recommended to do an overview and look closely as to what kind of security your things have. The more security the better….better safe than sorry!

Flooring/ flooding: Look for high flooring when deciding your storage unit. Higher floors will keep your items safe from potential hazards such as flooding. You can also cover your items with plastic covering to keep them from debris.

Damaged goods: Maybe a disaster struck and your items are destroyed? Let us help! We offer 24/7 emergency service for water and fire damage repair. We use advanced water removal and drying equipment to get your space dried fast.

Have Water or flood damage? Call us! 806-780-6311

Record of Items: KEEP a record of your items as a written list to keep track of everything you have to ensure nothing is going missing. Whether you’re storing a few or a lot in your storage space, it’s easy to forget what you have when you’re not in front of it every day.

Insurance: Making sure your possessions are insured and protected are crucial before you put them away in storage. Even if you don’t have homeowners insurance, many storage companies offer insurance and this is a category you won’t want to be cheap on.

We know how much your possessions mean to you and if you ever experience any damage in your storage unit or home, give us a call, we are happy to help!

Mold Damage: How We'll Help

7/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold problem? Call SERVPRO of Southwest Lubbock, we can help.

With the introduction of a water source, any home or business can quickly become infested with mold. The most common culprits: roof and plumbing leaks. Mold can spread throughout a property in as little as 48 to 72 hours, causing allergens and irritants that have the potential to cause other health issues.

Every mold damage scenario is different and requires its own solution, but the general process stays the same. Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. Call us! 806-780-6311
    The mold cleanup and restoration process begins with giving us a phone call. From there, we’ll talk with you and determine the best course of action.
  2. Inspection and Assessment
    Once we arrive, we’ll carefully inspect the property for signs of mold. We have various technologies to detect mold and hidden water sources.
  3. Mold Containment
    We will use various containment procedures to prevent the spread of mold. We’ll use negative air chambers to isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading during cleanup. We will turn off all heating and cooling systems to prevent further spreading of the mold.
  4. Air Filtration
    With our special filtration equipment, we can capture microscopic mold spores and remove them from the air.
  5. Mold Removal
    The remediation process depends on the amount of mold growth and the types of surfaces the mold has contaminated. We will use antifungal and antimicrobial treatments to eliminate mold colonies.
  6. Cleaning
    We can clean your furniture, decorative items, curtains, clothes, and other restorable items that the mold contaminated. We are trained to also remove odors and deodorize your items.
  7. Restoration
    Based on the level of mold damage, some building materials may be removed. Restoration may involve minor or major repairs in various areas in your home or business.
  8. License
    In the state of Texas, you need to call a state licensed contractor like SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock who can help you with any questions and refer you to a state licensed testing company. You can view our IICRC and mold certifications and training requirements here.

If you suspect your home or business has been affected by mold, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 806-781-6311. SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is faster to any size disaster.

Fire Damage: What to Do

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire and smoke damage can be devastating, and most people don’t know what their options are when disaster strikes. We want to arm you with knowledge so if you ever are the victim of a fire, you’ll know what to do, and what not to do, until help arrives.


  • Limit movement in the home to prevent soot particles from being embedded into upholstery and carpet.
  • Keep your hands clean! Soot on your hands can further soil your items, walls, and woodwork.
  • Place dry, colorfast towels or old linens on rugs, upholstery and carpet traffic areas.
  • If your electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator completely and prop doors open to help prevent odor.
  • Wipe soot from chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets, trim and appliances, then protect these surfaces with a light coating of lubricant.
  • If heat is off in the winter, pour RV antifreeze in sinks, toilets bowls, holding tanks and tubs to avoid freezing pipes and fixtures.
  • Change HVAC filter, but leave system off until a trained professional can check the system.
  • Tape double layers of cheesecloth over air registers to stop particles of soot from getting in or out of HVAC systems.
  • Ask your insurance adjuster about us. We’re faster to any size disaster!


  • Attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces.
  • Attempt to shampoo carpet or upholstered furniture without first consulting us.
  • Attempt to clean any electrical appliances (TVs, radios, etc.) that may have been close to fire, heat or water without first consulting an authorized repair service.
  • Consume any food or beverages that may have been stored close to fire, heat, or water because they might have been contaminated.
  • Turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet. Wiring may be wet or damaged and cause electrical shock, and air movement may create secondary damage.
  • Send garments to the dry cleaner. Improper cleaning may set in smoke odor.

These emergency tips will assist you in taking the proper action until our SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock Professionals can arrive. Please follow these dos and don’ts to help reduce damage and increase the changes of a successful restoration “Like it never even happened.

5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Furniture

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Vintage furniture is unique and can add a touch of personability to every room. Here in Lubbock, there are many vintage shops you can look at and even the Downtown Lubbock Farmer’s Market can offer furniture at a discounted price. Although some older furniture can have wear and tear, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock is trained in bringing these pieces back to life. Mix up your home and add your personality with vintage furniture this season. Here’s why:

Stand out with eclectic pieces in your home

In today’s modern society, people often turn to new furniture, same color schemes, and repeated sleek wood. Why not stand out this year and love on furniture that is older with much more character? Vintage furniture has heritage and can easily be brought back to life in your home.

Budget Friendly

Many different vintage pieces are very cost effective. They may have been passed down from multiple generations or have been gently used by a family with a story. If you’re on a budget and trying to save money, vintage furniture can give your home a fancy chic look at a fraction of the cost.

Make it a family affair and have fun

Shopping for vintage furniture can be a blast. It’s a lot like hunting, scoping out different shops looking for the perfect piece that fits your style and family’s home. Bring the whole family along and make it a family day of challenging everyone to find the most unique piece of furniture.

Better Quality

With how much furniture is built in warehouses this decade, most furniture you see has lost their quality over the years. Vintage furniture has typically been built by hand with better hardwood and hardware. Quality is key with furniture, invest in the right pieces.

Good For the Environment

Recycling furniture will help contribute to the environment in a positive way. Too many families throw out furniture and waste something that was once beautiful. Check your local antique stores before buying something completely new or come see us at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock and let us help you restore your own vintage pieces that may need some love. We offer a variety of different cleaning services.       

Contact us today for more at (806) 780-6311. Make your home unique this Summer with Vintage furniture!

Moving In or Moving Out: SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock Can Restore Your Home

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Spring and summer have proven to be the most popular months for people to move apartments and houses. Although people move during the other seasons, spring and summer are popular because of the better weather and the timing. Moving during this time helps students and families with kids or teachers settle in before the school year begins. As we are in the middle of the summer season, Lubbock is getting ready for a new group of college students to move into town, along with seasoned students coming back to start another school year.

Whether you’re a student or have a student moving into an apartment, there are costs that come with moving and living in a rental. To help you out, we’ve developed a list of things to keep in mind and check when moving in (and moving out) of an apartment or rental home to avoid losing your deposit!

  1. The Floor: make sure you check that the carpets are clean, without tears, and have no pieces missing. They should not be stained nor should they have an odor. If it’s tile, make sure all tiles are in place and none are popping out or scuffed. When moving out, make sure the carpets are clean and free of heavy soil. If you need help cleaning, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock provides professional cleaning.
  2. The Furniture: If you’re moving into a furnished apartment, check to see that the furniture is clean and in livable condition. When you are ready to move out, make sure the furniture is in good condition. If you need upholstery cleaning, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock provides this service.
  3. The Walls: make sure the pain is consistent throughout the entirety of the unit. Verify that the paint isn’t made with poisonous materials. For wood-paneled walls, check to see none of the panels are loose or show signs of rotting. When you’re ready to move out, be sure the walls are free of dirt, pet dander, cigarette smoke and other contaminants. Need help? Check out what we can do.
  4. The Windows: make sure all windows can open in case of a fire. Be sure there is no broken glass and that it is free of mold. Check that all of this is clear when moving out as well.
  5. The Electricity: check all of the lights and be sure they work. Go to your fuse box and make sure it is not damaged or missing any pieces. Also check the plugs in the walls to be sure your appliances will work when plugged in. If in the unfortunate event there has been a fire, we offer fire restoration to get the unit back in shape.
  6. The Thermostat: be sure that your unit can blow both hot and cold air. Check to see if the filter has been cleaned recently. Ventilation systems are vital in providing good air quality, if you need an inspection or cleaning, let SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock help.
  7. The Smoke Detectors: make sure all are working properly. Test them to be sure they make noise. For an extra safety measure, replace the batteries with fresh ones upon moving in.
  8. Water Flow: Turn on all faucets and showers to make sure the water can get cold and warm. Check quality of water to see that it’s clear and not foggy. Also use this time to make sure the toilets are clean and flush properly. In case there’s water damage while you’re a tenant, see how we can help with our water services.
  9. Mold and Mildew: Check bathrooms and kitchen for any mold or mildew that might be inside cabinets or on walls. A mold infestation can produce allergens and irritants, you’ll want a professional that has training and experience to properly remove the infestation.
  10. Pest Control: Make sure your apartment is clear of insects and rodents. If needed, notify your property manager of the problem and let them know pest control is needed. Keep an eye out for this during your time at this residence to prevent any damage to the property that could be repaired at the cost of your deposit.

Although exciting, moving can be a stressful time. To be sure your apartment is in good shape when moving out, contact SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock to inspect and help restore the unit if needed. We’re dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster, and you can depend on us to make your property look its best.

Have questions? Call us 24/7 – (806)-780-6311

A Hole-in-One: Golf For Kids Sake

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock values working with nonprofits. For the past 9 years, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has had the privilege of hosting a golf tournament where the proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock.

In Lubbock since 1970, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock serves to provide children with mentors that will help them reach their full potential in school and in life. According to their website, the partnership between parents/guardians and volunteers with the children allows the kids to achieve educational success, avoidance of risky behaviors, greater aspirations, higher confidence, and healthier relationships. 

The first year of the golf tournament, we were able to raise about $1500 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock. With year after year of continual growth, this year – our twelfth – we were able to raise $58,150 for them, making the grand total SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has been able to contribute to be around a quarter of a million dollars, all of which stays here in the South Plains!

For more information on how you can get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock, please visit their website: www.bbbslubbock.org. If you’d like to get involved with next year’s golf tournament, please get in touch with us here at SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock at 806-780-6311.

Fireworks: Keep Your Home and Family Safe

6/29/2017 (Permalink)

Fourth of July is right around the corner, and while we look forward to the time spent celebrating America through parades and fireworks, it’s important to remember that setting off fireworks and playing with other goodies purchased from road-side firework stands comes with great responsibility. Whether you’re celebrating the Fourth of July, or enjoying a barbecue with friends, it’s always important to follow through with safe fireworks practices to protect you or your loved ones from the hazards fireworks could potentially have.

There are several safety measures to take when getting ready to pop fireworks: ranging from reading the directions on their packaging carefully, to being aware of the climate and your local laws referencing the use of fireworks. Here are 10 safety tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety to help keep you and your family safe this summer:

  1. Obey all local laws regarding the use of fireworks.
  2. Know your fireworks; read the cautionary labels and performance descriptions before igniting and have a bucket of water on hand for spent fireworks.
  3. A responsible adult should supervise all firework activities. Never give fireworks to children.
  4. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Save your alcohol for after the show.
  5. Do not hold a firework item in your hand.
  6. Use fireworks outdoors in a clear area; away from buildings and vehicles.
  7. Ensure all pets and animals are away from firework noise.
  8. With the rise in stress-related disorders affecting American service men and women, pay special consideration to individuals who may be sensitive to loud noises in proximity to your fireworks show.
  9. Never relight a “dud” firework. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water before you discard it.
  10. Dispose of spent fireworks by wetting them down and place in a metal trashcan away from any building or combustible materials until the next day. Have a bucket of sand available to put on grass fires or a fire extinguisher. 

Fires can be devastating to your home or business. If in the event you are affected by fire damage this summer season, SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock has specialized fire damage restoration training experience to quickly restore your home to pre-fire condition. Until we can arrive to help, please see our tips on what you can do until help arrives.

You know you can count on SERVPRO® of Southwest Lubbock if disaster strikes. Stay safe this Fourth of July!

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